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It is not so difficult now to pass the Certified Blockchain Business Foundations Exam with the help of CBBF Dumps. The reliability and authenticity of this material can not be questioned. All questions and answers are developed and compiled by qualified experts. The information to the point has been filled in the landfills according to the requirements of the examination. You can simply download the PDF file from and go to your preparation from the CBBF Exam Q&A without delay. If you prepare according to the guidelines given by the experts, you can pass your certification easily with CBBF Dumps PDF. But even if it unfortunately fails, your money will be returned according to the money back policy.


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Blockchain CBBF Exam Certified Blockchain Business Foundations

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Question: 1 What does a Merkle tree provide A. Efficient block lookups and protection against forgery B. Anonymity and transparency C. A Turing complete distributed network D. A way to deploy smart contracts onto the Blockchain E. All of the above Answer: A Question: 2 What does P2P stand for A. Person to Person B. Public to Person C. Peer to Peer D. Product to Person E. None of the above Answer: C Question: 3 Blockchain is always decentralized. A. True B. False Answer: A Question: 4 What is Ethereum A. Another name for Bitcoin B. A platform for creating decentralized applications C. A currency D. Another name for Blockchain Answer: B

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Question: 5 Why is Hyperledger a good business solution over other Blockchains A. Always permissioned and private B. It can employ smart contracts C. Modular design allowing for flexibility in solution D. Multiple consensus methods can be chosen for use E. All the above Answer: D

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