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We fully understand the underlying causes of hair loss and the trauma associated with it. This helps us to offer unparalleled expertise in baldness treatment and hair restoration techniques. Our services in this domain include hair transplantation, PRP therapy, and mesotherapy.


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The small amount of baldness can be treated with some home remedies oils or change in diet but sharp hair fall cannot get cured using such techniques and hence requires proper treatment i.e. Hair transplant. It’s a natural and permanent solution for restoring lost hair. Hair transplant is the permanent solution to the growing hair loss problem. Curious How is that done The procedure is simple painless and forever. So basically the hair follicular unit is harvested from the back of the scalp and is shifted and implanted in the affected area mostly it which is the frontal of the head in men. In simple terms hair from one part of the body back of head chest legs are transplanted onto scalp. The surgeon harvests a portion of scalp from the back of the head where hair is already there into small sections using a magnifying lens and their surgical knife. After that the strip is kept and hair follicles are separated tiny holes are done with the micro- needle in the area where the hair is to be implanted. Follicles are inserted into the holes this requires an expert hand. Generally in one session 2000-3000 grafts can be transplanted. Hair transplant can be done surgically and non-surgically both ways. In surgical there are different techniques like FUT FUE DHI. You can choose which to undergo according to cost and time. Our Hair Transplant Services  |  Franchise  |  Contact us  CLICK TO CALL WHAT IS HAIR TRANSPLANT

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FUE Hair Transplant FUE is a more popular nowadays. In this type of hair transplant technique hair follicles are extracted from donor area in small round punch at a time. These follicular unit grafts consisting of 2 3 and 4 hair groupings are then transplanted into the bald area.FUE technique is almost a painless surgery. Thus patient recovery is very fast.There will be no change of look of the donor area after surgery. Hence no sign of hair transplantation is visible thereafter. Experienced surgeons should be deployed which remains to be one of the most important determining factors. FUT Hair Transplant FUT also known as Strip Surgery includes the process of removing a strip of tissue with hair usually from the back of the head. The hair follicles are then harvested from this strip and then implanted in the bald area.In FUT surgery is done by extraction of the entire strip of hair from the donor area of the scalp. After extraction stitches are done carefully on donor area leaving linear scar lines. These extracted strips are then grafted on the affected portion of the scalp that is called recipient z one. Normally small follicular units containing single to four hairs are grafted at a time. Beard Hair Transplant Beard transplant technique involves harvesting of the minute individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp where the hair is thickest and is transplanted on the face. There are various ways in which this treatment can be done. For better results they are transplanted from scalp to face beard

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moustache etc . This is the best way to restore the facial hair i.e. goatee mustache and sideburns. There are few benefits of having the beard is it hide scars acne any kind of discoloration and pigmentation plus bonus is the manly look Eyebrow Hair Transplant Every one of us wants a healthy and thick eyebrow. Transplantation often required for those who have permanent hair loss in their eyebrow. These are the extreme cases often result from tattoo within the eyebrow area. This takes place with the help of removing some body part hairs and replacing them with the eyebrow hairs. The process takes few days to few months to recover depending upon the health condition. And finally it’s the basic habit in our daily routine that makes our appeal gorgeous. Body Hair Transplant In almost methods of hair transplantation hairs roots from the donor area are required to implant in the bald area so that a natural growth of hair can be initiated in the bald area also. But here the question is what if a patient doesn’t have a good enough growth on the back side of the head The answer is it’s not like if you don’t have good hair growth on the back of the head then you can’t go for hair transplantation. Yes because apart from the back side of the head some other body parts such as beard chest legs and armpit also can be used as a donor area. PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma Platelet-rich plasma technique is becoming more successful among the newer options for hair replacement in 2017. This amaz ing treatment is only dependent on the blood plasma of the patient. PRP is an activator which helps to regenerate hair growth on bald area. Blood circulation is enhanced by applying PRP on affected area of the scalp. Some specified amount of blood is taken from patient’s body and distributed in eight glass tubes. This blood then undergoes laboratory process for generating PRP. Finally platelet-rich plasma platelet-poor plasma and a concentration of blood are prepared.

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CALCULA TE YOUR GRAFTS REQUIREMENT 1 . C HO O S E Y O U R BA L D NE S S L E VE L . Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 2 . F IL L T HE F O R M T O K NO W C O S T Name Email ID Contact No City SUBMIT OUR RESULTS GALLEY

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We f ully underst and t he underlying causes of hair loss and t he t rauma associat ed wit h it . This helps us t o of f er unparalleled expert ise in baldness t reat ment and hair rest orat ion t echniques. Our services in t his domain include hair t ransplant at ion PRP t herapy and mesot herapy. read more  Latest from Blog    Things To Consider Bef ore Undergoing Hair Transplant    HAIR CARE TIPS FOR HEALTHY HAIR: 5 DO’S AND DON’TS    How t o deal wit h dry wint er hair    PRP Plat elet -Rich Plasma Therapy Show Case    Bef ore-Af t er Result s    Pat ient Test imonials    Clinic Gallery    Video Gallery Reach Us Dehradun    26/1 2nd f loor Rajpur Road Karanpur Dehradun Ut t arakhand 24 8009 Agra    Shop No.2 First Floor Above St andard Pat hology Shant i Madhuban Plaza Delhi Gat e Agra Ut t ar Pradesh- 282002 Allahabad    7 D/2A Tashkand MargPat rika Chaurahaopp St Joseph School Civil Lines Allahabad-21100 Lucknow    5/183-B Gomt i Nagar near Dayal Paradise Hot el Lucknow Jaipur    E-25/2 S.L. Marg Near Income Tax Colony Durgapura Jaipur - 302018 Bhopal    4 58 Sect or - C Shahpura Near Bansal hospit al Bhopal - 4 62039

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