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a b o u t u s   Evolve owns and manages urban multifamily residential and commercial properties. The company is based out of Washington, DC. Our business philosophy ensures our unique position in the marketplace. We provide a quality living experience for our residents and commercial tenants--by offering top locations, quality buildings, appealing amenities and responsive service. Our results: high occupancy, premium rents, low turnover and strong resident referrals. We have been developing and managing residential properties since the company was formed in 1997. The company possesses extensive in-house expertise. We acquire, develop, market and manage our own properties. We also provide a wide range of benefits and services to our clients and those of other DC business owners through the Evolve Xtras program. Established 1997

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m i s s i o n s t a t e m e n t   Evolve Property Management, LLC is dedicated to the creation and demonstration of a new corporate concept of linked prosperity: We offer a great product that is priced fairly so that both our property owners and residents can live better. We recognize that we are responsible for more than just the bottom line. Each year Evolve contributes a large percentage of our profits to philanthropic efforts in our local community that make the neighborhoods where our properties are located a better place to live.

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Unlike other property management companies, Evolve manages the properties that it owns in addition to the properties we manage for others. w e ’ r e l a n d l o r d s t o o

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s e r v i c e o p t i o n s Evolve offers 3 different management options so that you can select the one that’s best for your property.

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Mother always says:  “Eat your vegetables and live in a GREAT apartment ! ” l e a s i n g s e r v i c e FEE: 1st Month’s Rent 25% Discount for Total Management Clients.

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It all starts with the best residents. We will help you with the Department of Housing Forms and the Basic Business License for DC We give you the forms and walk you through it. We can even file it with DCRA for you, for a little more. l e a s i n g s e r v i c e

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We have a solid marketing strategy to fill your vacancies PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS DETAILED FLOOR PLAN ADVERTISE VACANCIES SHOW APARTMENTS l e a s i n g s e r v i c e

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Evolve thoroughly screens applicants using a 5 point screening process : * CREDIT CHECK * * CRIMINAL CHECK * * TERRORIST DATABASE * * RESIDENCY VERIFICATION * * EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION * l e a s i n g s e r v i c e

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Repairs as needed Apartment Painting Apartment Cleaning 1 Bedroom Prep starts at $1097 2 Bedroom Prep starts at $1380 FEE: Call (202) 359.RENT [7368] for an estimate. Note: The sample prices above are based on an average apartment square footage. Please ask us for an custom bid for your property. a p a r t m e n t p r e p a r a t i o n i n c l u d e s

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CANCEL our Reservations?   Dinner @ DC Coast……………………$247.83   Limousine Service…………………...$139.72   Tickets to National Symphony…………………...$225.89     HAVING SOMEONE ELSE CLEAR YOUR TENANT’S TOILET AT 7:48 ON FRIDAY NIGHT…   PRICELESS! t o t a l m a n a g e m e n t FEE: 10% of Property’s Gross Income

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t o t a l m a n a g e m e n t i n c l u d e s 25% discount for all Leasing Services Rent collection & reporting ALL in-house labor for regular maintenance is INCLUDED in our monthly commission 24-hour Resident Care (including emergency response) Regular Resident Communication Consulting to promote maximum income & savings opportunities Exercise existing manufacturers or home warranties on behalf of the property owner Recommend and manage contractors for capitol improvements and large repair projects Owners and their residents are eligible to participate in Evolve Xtras Program "I don’t care if it’s 2:00AM, I’m calling the landlord!” over 90% of service requests are resolved by our in-house experts! 87% of maintenance requests are resolved within 24 hours

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Manage rent ceilings and prepare all annual rent increases Clean and maintain common areas Maintain existing landscaping (April thru October) * Lawn Re-seed (Spring & Fall) * * Weed & Feed (Spring, Summer & Fall) * * Mow Grass (Weekly or as needed) * * Edging (Monthly) * * Weeding (Bi-weekly as needed) * * Trim Hedges (Spring & Fall) * Quarterly Pest Control Management Supervise Management of Fire Equipment Snow Removal t o t a l m a n a g e m e n t p l u s (Services for 4 or more units)

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m o n t h l y r e p o r t i n g   Online reporting is updated constantly in order to provide real-time reporting for our property owners. Evolve reports are available…  Additionally, each month Evolve will provide a snap shot containing important information and updates about your property’s performance. 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year

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r e s i d e n t r e t e n t i o n Evolve utilizes a resident retention strategy that includes: House Warming Gifts Monthly Newsletter (w./ Recipes, Entertainment Tips, Green Living Tips, Local Activity Suggestions & More) Electronic Rental Payments (w./ optional, automatic recurring payments) Maintenance Requests Resolved Quickly & Well Electronic Maintenance Requests (Ensuring 100% closed-loop communication) 82% of Evolve residents remain in their leases for two years or more!

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BE READY! When you call we’ll be there in minutes.   90% of maintenance requests are resolved by our in-house team of expert technicians.   87% of requests are resolved within 24 hours or less.

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All residents and owners for properties that are managed by Evolve Property Management, LLC are eligible to participate in the Evolve Xtras program. Xtras is a life enhancement and retention program that is free to everyone in the Evolve community. This program offers discounts and special services that are available exclusively to Xtras Members. e v o l v e x t r a s

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Contact Chris Swanson at (202) 359.RENT [7368] x101 or to schedule an appointment so that we can meet at your property and discuss your needs today!

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