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Prefer LiFePO4 Battery LiFePO4 battery or LFP battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which you can use LiFePO4 as the cathode material and a metallic backing act as the anode. The electrode that used here is made of graphite carbon. Importance of this battery When you go for the Headway battery you can see that it comes with an excellent electrochemical performance along with a low resistance capacity. Due to some extraordinary qualities the battery can withstand a full charge condition. Due to this it put less stress on the lithium-ion even if you run it at high voltage for a long time. All this is possible for the battery as it has got a nano-scale phosphate cathode material. Uses of battery If you are going for the LiFePO4 battery then you can see that it has got many applications too. Some of the necessary applications are listed below. · It can be used as a transportation battery. · You can use it in the solar garden. · If you got light security systems then you can use it too. How to charge the battery

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Well the most important question arises who all buy the Headway battery is how to charge it. To charge the battery you can purchase a LiFePO4 battery charger online. These chargers designed in such a way that they have got 3 modules in the charger. The different kind of LiFePO4 charger for you all mentioned below. 1. LiFePO4 charger shipment 2. 6.6KW LiFePO4 charger 3. 3.3 KW LiFePO4 charger 4. 1.8 KW LiFePO4 charger So with this you can charge the LiFePO4 to its fullest capacity without much hassle. Contact us RM 2666B 18/F HO KING COMM CTR 2-16 FA YUEN ST MONGKOK KLN HONG KONG Ph :- +86 156 0637 1958 Email :- Visit our Website :-

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