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By Eve Molineux LOVE OF GOD

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The main reason why love of God is so important is that He keeps us alive. Regardless of what we do, how self destructive we may be, He continues to give us life and love.

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Love of god affects Christian lives. The second greatest commandment tells us that “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” By following this we have learnt to love everyone as we do God. By doing this we have all become better people.

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Love of God in a religious community

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Religious communities value the companionship of Jesus above everything else. They are aware of the sin and suffering, sadness and death throughout the world, and know that only Jesus has the answer.

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They want everyone to find the peace, love and happiness Christ has to give.

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They unite themselves with Him, and their life's purpose is to love, and to bring all humanity closer to the Love of God.