Advertising Techniques

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Advertising Techniques:

Advertising Techniques

Facts and Figures:

Facts and Figures Using facts to sell the product. Facts don’t always target specific products.

Weasel Words:

Weasel Words Positive words that don’t make guarantees. Usually can have multiple meanings.


Patriotism Using patriotic imagery to sell product. Patriotic imagery enhances company image.


Diversion Shifting attention away from product weaknesses. Ease of application > messiness of product.


Bribery To give a desirable ‘extra something’. Free gifts increase purchasing desire.

Plain Folks:

Plain Folks Product is valuable for ‘ordinary people’. Who decides the definition of ordinary?

Snob Appeal:

Snob Appeal The product makes the customer elite. Rich and glamorous life style imagery.

Wit and Humor:

Wit and Humor Commercial is designed to entertain audiences. Generates interest, but doesn’t explain benefits.


Bandwagon Implies that everyone loves the product. Invokes ‘peer pressure’ to involve audience.

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