10 Skydiving Health Tips to Help You Prepare


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But it’s no fun if you suddenly thrust yourself into it. That said, Everything Australia compiled a list of the top 10 skydiving health tips to help you prepare.


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https://www.everythingaustralia.com/ 10 Skydiving Health Tips to Help You Prepare

2-Stretching :

2-Stretching   Warm ups are important for any activity or sport. Most athletes – professional, amateur and hobbyists do simple warms ups to prepare their bodies for physical activity so it is important that you warm up before each jump you take.  1- Warm Up  Stretching your muscles improves flexibility, range of motion and can loosen your muscles in preparation for physical activity. 

3- Physical fitness :

3- Physical fitness  Being physically fit to skydive isn’t imperative, however, it can help control your free fall and your parachute.  4 - Weight    Being of the correct weight is important when skydiving. Not just a physically fit weight but, it can be dangerous to go skydiving if your weight is too much for your parachute to handle.

5-Wake up :

5-Wake up  Don’t go skydiving if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before! Make sure you get a great night of sleep and eat energizing food that won’t leave you sluggish. 6 -Be mentally prepared  It is important that you clear your mind before a jump. Educate yourself with every relevant fact there is to know about skydiving, but don’t scare yourself by looking up unfortunate accident stories. 


7-Meditation Meditation is another way to ease yourself into calming your mind and becoming ready to skydive. 8- Relax  While it is true we recommended you be wide awake while you skydive, you should also have your body relaxed. 

9- Breathe:

9 - Breathe Like any physical activity, your breath is important to keep track of. By taking deep, deliberate breaths you will relax your body and mind.  10- Consult your physician  Before going skydiving consult your doctor. Be sure to ask your doctor if your body can handle such an extreme activity as skydiving. 

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