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My summer at Romero Center Ministries changed my life in ways I never could have foreseen. I fell in love with Camden and her people and vowed to return when I am better prepared to serve and affect positive change. I returned to Notre Dame after my time at the Romero Center and added a Poverty Studies minor with hopes of going to graduate school for Social Work or Public Policy. The Romero Center is a unique ministry in that it brings young people from the suburbs and people from Camden together, invites them to walk in solidarity with one another, and lights a fire within them so that they may share their experiences and passion everywhere they go. Dani Gies Class of 2014, University of Notre Dame

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Jesuit schools strive to “educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world” ( Kolvenbach , S.J.). Saint Joseph’s University is blessed to have the Romero Center as a community partner and co-educator .  Students are deeply touched by the stories they hear from the people they meet. They return from Camden inspired to prayerfully discern the connection of their joys, their gifts, and the call to solidarity with people who are marginalized in our local, national, or global communities . Beth Ford Campus Minister and Adjunct Professor St . Joseph's University, Philadelphia

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As a high school student, I had the opportunity to come to Romero Center Ministries for a week of service and immersion. It completely changed the way I think about the city and its residents. In a place where I once had feared drugs, violence, and hatred, I newly encountered faith, a spirit of welcome, and a tremendous hope for the future in the residents of Camden. Now , as a seminarian for the diocese of Camden, I have had the opportunity to spend a year living and working in Camden, in part with Romero Center Ministries . There, I had the privilege of forming ongoing relationships with residents of Camden, and of bringing others from the suburbs into the City, to see what I had seen in high school. Since then, my time at the Romero Center has continued to enrich my life, the lives of other future priests, and the lives of our future congregations. This semester , my classmates and I are taking a class called "Catholic Social Ethics ."  Because of my experiences with the Romero Center, I now have a plethora of experiences and insights to share with my class.  Even as we learn the theoretical principles, the social teachings of the Catholic Church have already been made concrete for me. In serving the people of Camden, I'm not sure how much I changed the City, if at all, but I know for sure that, through encountering the people of Camden, the City has changed me. Kevin Mohan Seminarian, Diocese of Camden, NJ

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856.964.9777 2907 Federal St. Camden, NJ 01085 www.romero-center.org

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