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Black ginger, the rhizome of Kaempferia parviflora (Zingiberaceae), has traditionally been used as food and a folk medicine for more than 1000 years in Thailand.


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Black Ginger Extract Black ginger the rhizome of Kaempferia parviflora Zingiberaceae has traditionally been used as food and a folk medicine for more than 1000 years in Thailand. The dried rhizome is generally pulverized and used as tea bags while the fresh one is utilized to brew wine. The wine preparation is increasingly used in Thailand as a tonic and as an aphrodisiac. As dietary supplements it has been made into various preparations such as medicinal liquor or liquor plus honey pills powdered rhizome with honey capsules and tablets. Benefits 1.It Improves Sexual Satisfaction And Erectile Dysfunction Results from a new pilot study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine explains that Black ginger may be of benefit in improving sexual satisfaction and performance. It is known that sexual health is important for overall wellbeing. There are some drugs that enhance male sexual health such a Viagra but many of them come with adverse side effects. However there are no side effects to black ginger extract. It is also found that black ginger supports in improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. A study during 2012 conducted in Thailand found that K. parviflora rhizome extract improved erectile response in older men. So with this in mind the researchers evaluated that Black ginger could provide a safe and efficacious non-prescription alternative to more common drugs targeting the sexual health of men.

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2.Black Ginger Extract Reduces Inflammation Black ginger extract is also known to reduce inflammation. A natural molecule called Luteolin which is found in artichoke and chamomile can block mast cells. It is discovered that a different version of Luteolin known as Methoxyluteolin is found in black ginger and it is a more potent inhibitor of mast cells. Methoxyluteolin and Luteolin can inhibit the ability of mast cells to initiate inflammation and can also block inflammation when administered before the trigger forms a mast cell into action. So people having psoriasis and other skin disorders can try black ginger to obtain its therapeutic effects. 3.Anti-Aging Effects Of Black Ginger Black ginger also has anti-aging effects. Some experimental results for the effectiveness of the black ginger extract in the activation of the longevity gene showed that the product had significant anti-aging effect. Black Ginger is found to inhibit glycolization or the age related development of disfiguring brown pigments in the skin which provided additional evidence for an anti-aging benefit. 4.Beneficial For Diabetics Another health benefit of Black ginger is that it provides wonderful benefits for diabetics. It is known to reduce the blood glucose levels. For type 2 diabetics and those suffering from obesity experimental results showing inhibition of fat accumulation and reduction in insulin resistance with black ginger extracts is encouraging. Black ginger can be consumed as a beverage or in hard or soft capsules or in the tablet form.

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5.Black Ginger Improves Energy One of the most exciting health benefits of black ginger is that it improves energy. It increases the energy production by activating AMPK or AMP-activated protein Kinase. Black ginger also activates BAT or Brown Adipose Tissue which is the “Good” type of fat mass which is thermogenic abundant in mitochondria and beneficial for energy expenditure. Safety and Side Effects Black Ginger is LIKELY SAFE when taken by mouth appropriately. Some people can have mild side effects including heartburn diarrhea and general stomach discomfort. Some women have reported extra menstrual bleeding while taking ginger. Dosage The recommended dosage of Black Ginger Extract-P is 50-150mg/day. Contact Us- Address: Room 1101 Block 4 Blue sky Hua Ting Kaiyuan District 110 Xi’an Shaanxi China 710018 Phone: +862986529401 Mobile: +86 13720408392 Email:

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