A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Managed IT Security for Law Firms

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Law firms are increasingly being required by their clients to bolster IT security efforts to ensure the safety of restricted corporate data, and demonstrate compliance with the relevant industry requirements. This eBook describes how a Remote Managed SIEM can help law firms improve security, demonstrate compliance, and create operational efficiencies while leveraging the expertise of the SIEM vendor.


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A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Managed IT Security for Law Firms

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2 About EventTracker EventTracker enables its customers to stop attacks and pass IT audits. EventTracker’s award-winning product suite includes EventTracker Security Center and EventTracker Log Manager which transform high-volume cryptic log data into actionable and prioritized intelligence to optimize IT operations detect and deter costly security breaches and comply with multiple regulatory mandates. Along with its award-winning products EventTracker has a Remote Managed SIEM offering to guarantee customer success. EventTracker’s experienced staff assumes as much or as little responsibility for all SIEM-related tasks as clients require including planning scoping and installing the implementation as well as performing run watch and tune functions of the implementation on each client’s behalf. EventTracker’s team includes experts in various technologies including Windows Cisco VMware Checkpoint and many security solutions such as Snort McAfee Imperva etc. As the only SIEM vendor to own both product and service delivery functions EventTracker’s solutions are tailored to customer need resulting in superior quality at competitive pricing to the SME market.

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3 80 of the largest law firms have experienced a digital data breach 95 of corporate counsel believe that cybersecurity breaches are becoming more frequent in their industries Introduction Law firms are increasingly being required by their clients to bolster IT security efforts to ensure the safety of restricted corporate data and demonstrate compliance with the relevant industry requirements. Failure to do so can be costly. Not only can you face fines for exfiltration of private information but the violation of confidentiality and the loss of a client’s trust will do irreparable harm to your firm’s reputation.

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4 66 of law firms do not have staff dedicated exclusively to Information Security Law firms face unique IT security challenges • Many law firms lack the network security expertise and IT security resources they need to properly defend against advanced security threats. • Firms with multiple locations have to safeguard all devices and data from cyber threats on the interconnected network. This requires a solution that can scale up and down to large and small offices with real-time 24x7 monitoring to protect sensitive data. • They are big targets for malware and ransomware with attacks motivated by cyber espionage and monetary gain.

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5 Challenges The biggest challenge is to find the most capable information security solution that can: • create operational efficiency • improve security • meet compliance regulations Someone to manage it for you. +

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6 Remote Managed SIEM Security Information Event Management SIEM centralizes the storage and interpretation of security data including logs and allows near real-time analysis for rapid defense and recovery. The central repository also enables forensics trend analysis and automated compliance reporting. Getting results from SIEM technology requires dedicated IT security expertise. A Remote Managed SIEM allows firms to leverage the expertise of the SIEM vendor while retaining control of the network. The remote team escalates security incidents with context to the firm’s in-house IT team so they can perform remediation.

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7 Remote Managed SIEM Security Experts People with the right skills are critical to success in thwarting security breaches and are often the hardest to assemble train and retain. At the 2016 Gartner Risk Security Summit more than 75 of attendees agreed that they lacked the internal staff to manage all their security activities. Cybersecurity is a complex and nuanced field and legal organizations require different skills to achieve their unique goals. As a result not every cybersecurity professional has or needs to have all of the relevant skills that a legal firm could need. Unfortunately the demand for cybersecurity professionals far outpaces the available supply. However a Remote Managed SIEM allows your firm to leverage a team of highly skilled security experts.

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8 Remote Managed SIEM Comprehensive Security Technology A scalable and comprehensive SIEM platform enables you to: • Monitor your network for threats including malware ransomware advanced persistent threats or phishing attacks. • Assess external and internal vulnerabilities • Monitor network traffic for data leakage attack patterns etc. • Review access to critical servers workstations network devices applications databases etc. • Demonstrate compliance with PCI-DSS SOX 404 HIPAA FFIEC and other regulations all from a simple easy to use dashboard.

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9 Benefits Effectiveness Expertise Location Control Efficiency Customization Lower Cost Integration Benefits Efficiency Lower Cost • The EventTracker Control Center ECC takes advantage of economies of scale and passes the savings on to you • Purchase as OpEx or CapEx for lowest cost deployment and maintenance • Extend security controls to new areas without significant cost increases Effectiveness • Faster response to new threats and vulnerabilities • Improvements are deployed to all customers no action needed on your part • Continuous feedback for service improvement Expertise • ECC staff includes experts in popular technologies including MS Windows RedHat Cisco VMware Checkpoint Exchange Oracle Snort Imperva McAfee ePO etc • Over time we develop deep familiarity with your network architecture and users Location • All data remains within your firewall on your premises subject to your controls • ECC staff get limited audited access to EventTracker only • All SIEM data including reports incidents and notes remain on your premises Customization Integration • Fine grained customization is available to accommodate policy requirements • Easily integrated with numerous business applications and other security controls Control • You can have as much control as you choose • Delegate tasks to the ECC to the extent you prefer

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10 Remote Managed SIEM What to Expect EventTracker’s Remote Managed SIEM ‘‘SIEM Simplified’’ provides experts that work with your team to plan scope and install the implementation then run watch and tune the implementation on your behalf. These activities ensure that you realize the benefits of your SIEM platform and derive the value you want and expect with your initial purchase. EventTracker will consult and coordinate with your team to configure and deploy EventTracker to meet your needs. Then the staff will assume as much or as little responsibility for all SIEM- related tasks as you require.

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11 Features EventTracker Control Center ECC provides expert EventTracker system administration including: • EventTracker software updates services and knowledge packs new release upgrades licensing key installation • System health checks storage projections and log volume/performance analysis • Analyze changes in log collection for new systems and non-reporting systems • EventTracker Administration and Configuration for Users Standardized Reports Dashboards and Alerts • Generate Weekly System Status Report • Confirm external/third party integrations are functioning normally: Threat Intel Feeds ET-IDS ET-VAS • Analyze your Alerts Incidents Anomalies and Reports • Escalate as needed • Deliver Critical Observations Report • Deliver Monthly or Quarterly Management Executive Dashboard Powerpoint RUN WATCH

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12 Features • Review Top Level Summary Reports for relevant frameworks • Review Detailed Reports as necessary • Annotate finding as needed • Maintain auditor-ready artifacts – ‘‘always be ready for an IT audit’’ The SIEM Simplified team provides on-demand expert services on an annual retainer • Advanced Correlation and Behavior Analysis Configuration • Custom Alerts • Custom Scripts • Configuring FLEX Reports and Top Level Summaries COMPLY TUNE

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