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Open Content and Open Events:

Open Content and Open Events Professional Development in an Amplified World @eventamplifier

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Twitter Buzzword Bingo:

Twitter Buzzword Bingo #cfrm2


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IWMW Summarizr results:

IWMW Summarizr results Created by Andy Powell, Eduserv []

Mapping The IWMW Community:

Mapping The IWMW Community Created by Martin Hawksey []

Events Spectrum:

Physical Amplified Hybrid Virtual Events Spectrum Amplified

Best Practices:

Best Practices Acceptable Use Policy Guidance for Remote Participants Quiet Area Speaker Permissions Archiving Risk Assessments Feedback Creative Commons Licencing

Greening Events II Template:

Greening Events II Template Technologies Used: Describe the technologies which will be used to support the purposes described above. Resources: Describe the additional resources which will be needed to provide the event amplification. Risk Assessment: Provide a risk assessment associated with the provision of the event amplification service. Evaluation: Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the event amplification. Metrics: Describe the metrics you intend to collect in order to provide quantitative evidence of use (and possible value) of the event amplification Purpose(s): Document the intended purposes of the event amplification. This should also include a summary of the main beneficiaries



Encouraging networks of ongoing learning:

Encouraging networks of ongoing learning “ The added possibilities for collective learning and analysis, comprehensive notes with insights and links, often far more extensive than the speaker might have, are advantages previously unimaginable. Perhaps the richest potential lies in the interaction between members of the audience, particularly if you believe that learning and the generation of knowledge are active, engaging and social processes.” - Paul Shabajee

It doesn’t have to cost:

It doesn’t have to cost Free Tools Multiple Business Models GEII Resources Demonstrate Impact []

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Video at:


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