The combination of feelings expectations and true loyalty between two

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Pendulum Events Bapu Bazar City - Udaipur – 313001 State - Rajasthan India Contact:- 9660713914 Pendulum Events Bapu bazaarUdaipur Rajasthan India- 313001 Call:+91-9660713914 Email: Web: The combination of feelings expectations and true loyalty between two hearts is called a perfect wedding" Wedding is a ceremony where two people are united. In deeply it is not only unity of two people but meeting of two souls. In Indian tradition it has play an important role. It is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts until death. In wedding two different people make a decision to spend rest of their life with their partner. Here one thing is very important that both persons should respect their feelings expectations. Both one has to understand to make their wedding and life perfect. By this Both one spend life with happiness. In Wedding feeling expectation plays an important role but with that main thing is very essential to make wedding for whole life till death is Loyalty. In this relationship both have to be pious to each other. When marriage pillar should be strong and have strong bondage.

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Pendulum Events Bapu Bazar City - Udaipur – 313001 State - Rajasthan India Contact:- 9660713914 In this relationship both understand feelings without saying or expressing own self. Both are eagerly waiting that what I can do to make my soul mate happy. The only thing wants by both of them is that to see smile and satisfaction on their beloved. This is a relationship which is totally based on true loyalty. If we are loyal to each other it is very easy to spend life with joy and peace. We should respect other’s feeling. What he or she is doing for me and what I should do in return. If both one thing like that it is dam sure that your wedding life will be perfect no doubt. Actually all the discussed things happen only when two persons are love to each other. It is not physically but emotionally. Here if we respect others feelings emotion it will convert into love. Love means a Varity of different feelings states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection. What does the Marriage Means "The unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another." To make marriage is Perfect Wedding for whole life the only key is do whatever you can do for your soul mate. Every time you should think what can you do for her or him. If both one thinks like that no doubt life becomes a heaven and you spend your life with happiness. In today’s world as we are progress in every field some where we are annoying other’s feeling. We are trying to establish own self. Progress or development doesn’t means to hurt or neglect other’s emotion. Developed means to be loyal true and humble for others. It is applicable in profession life as well as in personal life also. In wedding two persons two souls unite with each others. They both are just like wheels of a cart. So make cart perfect they both should always try to understand feeling attitude and emotions of soul mate. By this we make our society strong and give strong generation to the world. So always care your soul mate’s feeling and think he or she is doing all the things for you and your family. So respect their feelings. Definitely it will make marriage life perfect. A Perfect Wedding is based on perfect Arrangement like: - Best Wedding Planners Best Destination wedding Best Wedding Decoration Services and Best Theme Management Wedding Planner that all combination are perfect is called a perfect wedding .

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