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The installation of solar products in a home or office helps reduce global warming as well as America’s dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. EvenGreen Technology is a US-based company specializing in innovative solar technology and comprehensive energy solutions. EvenGreen Technology provides services in Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls and surrounding areas in Idaho. For more details, visit http://www.evengreentechnology.com/


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EvenGreen Technology Reduces Energy Bills EvenGreen Technology provides a holistic approach to energy efficiency through expense- saving technologies and advanced designs that are affordable and easily accessible. Offering the best support and most reliable services in the Idaho solar power industry EvenGreen is headquartered in Meridian Idaho. Their products are proven to optimize power and reduce the cost of energy bills. EvenGreen is invested in energy education producing advanced renewable energy systems and creating long-lasting relationships in the Gem State and beyond. Best-selling EvenGreen Technology products that save money are:  Energy Optimization System: EOS is a five-part solution for augmenting the electrical current delivered through a grid and adding renewable energy sources into the feed keeping usable energy in the system and smartly adapting the system based on data. This unique arrangement reduces power usage inexpensively using existing energy.  LED: Providing a range of the highest quality LED products EvenGreen favors LED lights because they use 75 less energy than fluorescent lights and 90 less energy than incandescent lamps. EvenGreen solar Idaho solution to traditional lighting is power

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efficient and reduces waste heat. Available in Tubes Panel Lights Can Lights Flood Lights Garage Lights and more.  Solar Water Heating: Solar powered thermal systems harness the su n ’s energy directly as heat augmenting a h o u seh o ld ’s domestic hot water space heating or floor heating. These systems should not be seen as an alternative heating source but rather a supplement to existing systems. On a warm sunny day a proper system can produce nearly 100 of daily needs. The company offers agreements lasting 3-5 years to help customers install energy-saving upgrades. These agreements enable organizations to realize long-term savings and reduce overhead. EvenGreen Technology serves solar Boise customers that are interested in reducing a carbon footprint and saving money. For additional information visit http://www.evengreentechnology.com/

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