Human Skeleton

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Evelyn Sembrano Human Skeleton

Human Skeleton:

Consist of 206 bones Our skeleton mainly divided into main parts Axial Skeleton Appendicular Skeleton In young birth baby having about 300 bones. Only movable bone in human body is mandible. Human Skeleton

Axial & Perpendicular Skeleton:

Organization of the Skeleton Axial & Perpendicular Skeleton

Types of Human bone:

Types of Human bone

Axial skeleton Bone:

Axial skeleton Bone

Axial Skeleton-Rib Cage Bone:

Axial Skeleton-Rib Cage Bone

Total Axial Bone:

Cranium =8 Face =14 Hyoid =1 Ear Ossicles (3><2) =6 Vertebral Bone =26 Sternum =1 Ribs =24 Total =80 Total Axial Bone

Axial Skeleton – Vertebrate Bone:

Axial Skeleton – Vertebrate Bone

Appendicular – Forelimb Bone:

Appendicular – Forelimb Bone Radius- ulna are the focused Bone, which are fuse to each other, so they are 2 in numberr .

Appendicular – Hind limb Bone:

Appendicular – Hind limb Bone 1.F emur bone is known as longest bone of body. 2. In Femur bone Marrow formation of Blood cell take place

Appendicular Skeleton Bone in Both Hand and Leg:

Humerous = 2 Ulna =2 Radius =2 Carpals= 16 Metacarpals =10 Phalanges = 28 Total=60 Appendicular Skeleton Bone in Both Hand and Leg Forelimb Hind Limb Girdle Bone Femur =2 Tibia=2 Fibula=2 Patella=2 Tarsals=14 Metatarsals=10 Phalanges=28 Total=60 Fore limb :- Clavicle=2 Scapula=2 Hind Limb :- Coxal , hip=2 Total=6

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