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Created by: Evelyn sembrano How do I use the internet?


What is the Internet?


The internet is millions of computer around the world connected to each other. It was originally develop to connect laboratories engaged in government research, but now millions of people everyday use it for anything from sending Valentines to selling cereal. When your on the internet, your computer is connected to others by a mixture of telephone wire, cables and satellites. This allows people to exchange a large amount of information, pictures, audio and video quickly. The Internet is easy to use and offers you the chance to research and share news, views and information with people across the world.




An important part of the internet is the world Wide Web(WWW). This comprises millions of pages containing information on almost any subject you can think. A group of interlinked pages is known as a ‘website’. You will be able to find websites about subjects as diverse as the House of Parliament, Leicester city FC, or Englebert Humperdinck.


To get to a website you either need to know addresses or look for it using a search engine: One good place for historians to start using the internet is the Internet for the Historian site which you can find by typing into the address box of your browser


Web Addresses


Usually, but not always, a web address (sometimes known as a URL- Uniform Resources Locator) will look like this: ( the address for the universe of Leicester). It is very important to observe the placing of the full stops and forward slashes these addresses.


Search Engines


Search engines are website which find things for you when you give them a “key” word or words to look for. An example of a search engine Is ‘Google’, which is shown in the next slide (this is the UK version). Below is the address for the search engine ‘Google’ as seen in the ‘address’ box of a typical Microsoft screen.


As shown in the Google, you can enter ‘key’ words- such as ‘oral history’- and press ‘Enter’ or ‘Google Search’. The Internet is dominated by the USA and you may need to specify that it is the UK you are interested in where searching for something. Also, different results and some generally seem to be better than others. It often pays to do the same search using several engines Search Tips


You will soon find out a site may come up on your search just because the words ‘oral’ and ‘history’ appear in the same sentence somewhere on that site (dentistry comes to mind!). However, search engines do provide information on how to ‘refine’ your search. As with most things, practice will improve your skills.

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