The Wetlands Nature Preserve


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The Wetlands Nature Preserve is a 130 acre park with a stream around the park that is recycled water and some of the building materials used are from imploded casinos. It is an oasis in the desert.


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The Birds and Wildlife of the Wetlands Las Vegas, Nevada By Eve Cundiff The Wetlands Nature Preserve The Wetlands Nature Preserve

Spring 2011:

Spring 2011 I spent over four months photographing the birds and wildlife of th e Wetlands Nature Preserve. This is a natural wetlands and there are many species of birds that migrate there. There are many species that make the Wetlands their permanent home, including the Great Blue Heron, the park’s mascot and the Great White Egret. This is an amazing oasis in the desert, and one of my favorite places to visit.

Overlooking Frenchman’s Mountain:

Overlooking Frenchman’s Mountain

Early Morning Walk:

Early Morning Walk

Winding Trail – Snowy Egret:

Winding Trail – Snowy Egret

Blue Heron on Vern’s Pond:

Blue Heron on Vern’s Pond

Great Blue Heron on Bridge:

Great Blue Heron on Bridge

Middle Trail:

Middle Trail

Dancing Great Blue Heron:

Dancing Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron in Reeds:

Great Blue Heron in Reeds

Red Breasted Merganser:

Red Breasted Merganser

Ruddy Ducks:

Ruddy Ducks

White Faced Ibis:

White Faced Ibis

Bridge Across the Las Vegas Wash:

Bridge Across the Las Vegas Wash

Flowing Creek Through the Wetlands:

Flowing Creek Through the Wetlands

American Coot:

American Coot

Shore Birds:

Shore Birds Black and White Stilt American Avocet

White Egret Family and Heron:

White Egret Family and Heron

Bird Preserve:

Bird Preserve

Early Morning Gulls:

Early Morning Gulls

Coyote at Goose Creek Trail:

Coyote at Goose Creek Trail

Gambrel Quail:

Gambrel Quail

A Beautiful Sunrise:

A Beautiful Sunrise

New Nature Center:

New Nature Center Opening April 20, 2013 Great Blue Heron Exhibit

Wetlands Nature Center:

Wetlands Nature Center The Clark County Wetlands Nature Center is a 45,000 square-feet complex featuring 30,000 square feet of building space and 15,000 square-feet of outdoor observation decking for viewing of the park and surrounding mountain ranges. The park is on 2,900 acres of land.

Wetlands Nature Preserve History:

Wetlands Nature Preserve History The Wetlands Park and Nature Center is a 130 acre area within Clark County Wetlands Park in southeast Las Vegas, Nevada. It is an oasis of wildlife and vegetation on the floor of the desert valley. The Preserve features wildlife viewing, hiking trails, and educational and historical markers. The park itself provides a habitat for countless species of wildlife and is an essential step toward cleaner water in southern Nevada, making it one of the most extraordinary environments in the desert southwest. The Wetlands Nature Preserve is part of a 2,900- acre nature and habitat bordering on both sides of the Las Vegas Wash as it flows past Frenchman Mountain and the red sandstone of Rainbow Gardens on its way to Lake Mead.


Credits All Photographs taken by Eve Cundiff copyright 2010-2011. A previous self-published book can be previewed and purchased at: Photographs of the new Nature Center and exhibits were from the Clark County Nevada Wetlands website at: Music by Wayra, “Voices of the Wind.” Song 1 Voices of the Wind. Song 2 Rainbow Canyon The Paiute Indians descended from the Tudinu of “Desert People” ancestors. First reservation established in 1911. Today the Snow Mountain Reservation of Las Vegas consists of 3,850 acres.

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