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Yoga101: Do you know Everything About Iyengar Yoga What is Iyengar Yoga Iyengar yoga is basically a form of Hatha Yoga which focuses on the physical alignment of your body during a yoga pose. It is a practice that consists of a specific set of yoga poses and requires props for its successful implementation. You can use belts blocks etc. to ensure correct posture alignment. It also keeps them safe in the long run. There are more than 200 yoga poses and 14 types of breathing postures in Iyengar yoga. And due to a disciplined system students gradually move on from basic to advanced poses in this yoga practice. As you hold a posture for a long time while emphasizing on the alignment. This helps yogi to build flexibility and strength. Basically in order to master this yoga style all you need is patience and consistent practice. Short History – B.K.S Iyengar B.K.S Iyengar14/12/1918 – 20/08/2014 was the yogi responsible for developing Iyengar yoga style. He is also known to be the foremost ​yoga teacher ​ in the world. He was a student of ​Krishnamacharya ​ who is known as the Father of Modern Yoga. When Iyengar was younger he had a few health problems which he was able to improve by regular practice of poses.

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courtesy to: ​time As a result he developed a sequence of poses which will be suitable for yogis of all ages and disabilities. He systematized around 200 yoga postures and 14 breathing styles which move from basic to advanced level. This allows the students to slowly and gradually progress through poses to develop their mind and body.

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Practice This yoga style is actually based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which aims to bring you peace of mind and blissfulness. This yoga form focuses on 3 major aspects: alignment sequence and timing. courtesy to: ​ Detechter In Iyengar yoga there is an emphasis on proper body alignment which will help your body to develop properly and will prevent any pain or injuries. However as we all know that all bodies are different so correct alignment for everyone can be slightly different too. As a result in Iyengar yoga practice you have to use props like blocks belts chairs etc.. It helps to support the body during different yoga poses. This allows you to practice a posture in a safe and convenient way.

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This is also helpful in balancing your mind and emotions when you match the proper alignment with your breathing pattern. Apart from focusing on alignment Iyengar yoga pays a lot of importance to the sequence of the poses to be performed. A progressive order of yoga poses will help you in moving in a safe and structured way and will help in building strength flexibility etc. on the way. Finally students need to hold a pose for a considerable period of time so that the pose can have a deep effect on their body. Course Difficulty Level This is undoubtedly one of the easiest courses in the Yoga field but it can be a slightly lengthy process. Read also ​6 Best Ayurveda Courses chosen by wellness Experts for 2019 It is perfect for beginners as the students move from basic to advanced poses only after they have perfectly mastered the previous postures. This ensures a safe progress and ensures that the students are able to hold a posture accurately with a proper alignment before they practice advanced yoga poses. But it might take 3-5 years for someone to completely master all the yoga poses in this yoga style. However that only makes it safer and a better choice for beginner Yoga practitioners. Iyengar Yoga Poses Here are a few yoga poses for the beginners but make sure that you practice this under the guidance of a teacher:

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1. Paschimottasana 2. Adho Mukha Virasana 3. Tadasana Variations 4. Uttanasana 5. Supta Baddha Konasana 6. Savasana The Difference to Other Yoga Styles In terms of practice and philosophy Iyengar yoga is quite different from other styles of yoga. It gives importance to precision and alignment while most other yoga styles focus on producing sweat which removes toxins from your body. As a result students are

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subjected to rigorous poses in other yoga styles or subjected to adverse conditions like in Hot yoga or ​Bikram yoga ​ to achieve this goal. The same is not true for Iyengar yoga. Iyengar yoga follows the principle that a gradual progress through the poses and holding each pose for a long time has a deep effect on your body. And it is safe for yoga practitioners too. On the other hand other yoga forms focus only on the yoga posture which can often result in injuries if the posture isn’t practiced carefully. Another major difference between Iyengar yoga and other yoga forms is that Iyengar yoga allows students to use props to help in the alignment. Almost all the other yoga styles force the students to adopt the correct alignment without any external help which can be dangerous for them.

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Iyengar Yoga – Impact on Your Health Iyengar yoga is a great yoga style for beginners and can impart the following benefits for those who practice this regularly. Benefits of Iyengar Yoga: 1. Helps in improved breathing 1. As you spend time focusing on the alignment of your body Iyengar practice also ensures that you focus on your breathing pattern. 2. Keeps you healthy and protected from diseases

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1. This yoga style helps in the normal functioning of your body while keeping it free from the toxins. As a result you can better protect yourself from the diseases when you practice Iyengar yoga. 3. Relieves pain in your body 1. As Iyengar yoga focuses on the alignment of your body it helps in muscle stretch and prevention of slouching hunching etc. This can further help in relieving your back and neck pain and get rid of the tension in your body. 4. Improves your posture 1. Due to its focus on alignment you end up having a better body posture too. 5. Relaxes and calms your mind 1. Since you focus on your alignment and breath your mind is devoid of any thought which can turn out to be a kind of meditation. Do you know ​What is Bhakti Yoga and why should you do it everyday

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