The 360 Degree Evaluation for better Growth and Development

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360 degree feedback also known as multi-rater feedback is a proven method of supporting employee development that has been growing in popularity during the past 15 years. It works by providing them with feedback from those who know their work best. Because it allows individuals to see themselves as others see them, it guides them to increase both their skills and job satisfaction. Read more.....


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for better Growth and Development The 360 Degree Evaluation

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The ultimate goal for each and every organization is to have an ever increasing growth and development. However, the growth requires being present in all aspects of the organization. From employees to be clients, there should be 360 degree of growth and development. The definitive aim of this progress is to persuade each employee to reach their full potential inside your establishment.

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Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

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1. Planning Did you know that a 360 degree feedback procedure, which includes employee development plans is more lucrative? The basis behind this is the fact that the feedback attain is acted upon in a practical, tangible and useful way. Employees merely aren’t given an account that concentrates on their weak points, but one that also points out their field for improvement. Those improvement areas thus, become the foundation for an actionable progress plan for the employees.

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2. Individual Growth It is crucial to establish the 360 degree evaluation as a process, not just a one off occurrence. That way, 360 degree evaluation feedback can be captured at different moments in time to spot accomplishments and various other development areas. Also, setting up the evaluation over time ensures that the process is focusing on individual growth and development.  Managers should meet with employees to discuss feedback and to create short and long-term personalized plans for development.

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3. Training Training is where your employee development comes to existence. The goals set in the development plan should specifically address any training that your employees require. Organizational support is crucial, as your company needs to encourage a training culture and back it with the necessary resources. Some common forms of employee training are coaching, mentoring, workshops, conferences, seminars, classes, etc.

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4. Feedback Culture Using your 360 degree feedback process for development purposes (instead of performance assessments) creates a positive feedback culture. The way the process is implemented, and how the results are utilized, can also create a stronger sense of trust within your organization. Confidentiality, the use of multi-raters, and the focus on individual growth all further establish a culture of trust, fairness and accountability.

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5. Organizational Growth The use of 360 degree feedback for organizational growth is a huge benefit. Through the evaluation process and consequent training, you can identify and encourage probable leaders and aptitude within your organization. This could result in employees moving to higher positions, acquiring new strategic skills, or being crossed-trained in other key areas. All of these benefits ultimately give your company a competitive advantage.

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Thus, with 360 degree evaluation forms, it is easier for business to appraise their employees and employees also enjoy the benefits of an unbiased appraisal. We at , provide evaluation forms that are great sources of feedback and act as effective marketing tools. Forms available at our website can be tailored to fit a particular presentation and provide spaces for names and e-mails that you can use for your marketing efforts.

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