Integrated Starter Generator- Newer Generation Technology

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Integrated Starter Generator is a new Technology In automobile industry. It replaces the conventional starter and alternator. It is a fuel efficient system with low emission of CO2. Now a day most of the cars using this generator. Its main focus is to low fuel consumption and emission.


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INTEGRATED STARTER GENERATOR Smart Technology in Automobile Industry

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Integrated Starter Technology  New benchmarks invented daily in automobile industry. ISG was developed by VOLVO CARS.  It is an Intelligent stop and go technology.  ISG replaces the conventional starter and alternator fly wheels.

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 The system switches of on zero is smart technology in automotive industry. It starts up quickly at very low emission.  Main target is to develop fuel efficient system. Reducing fuel combustion and emission are the top most priority objective behind the designing of ISG.  If u want to sell your broken car. Then get attractive deals in cash for broken cars.

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ISG Engine

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BASIC FUNCTIONS  Auxiliary conventional start and stop system:  Automatic controlled system switches off at zero load instead of idling that tends to zero consumption of fuel thus improve the efficiency of fuel system.  Automatic pulse control system regain its cranking or active position very quickly with very low voice when gas pedal is pressed.

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HOW IT OPERATES  ISG optimize the electric energy further reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission also thus contributing in greenhouse effect.  Now a day Cars are generated by combustion engine instead of electric force.  The main reason behind the low fuel consumption and emission is that the combustion engine work very efficiently.

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 For example you can drive at less revs in a high gear with sustained response and drivability. ISG engine provide extra power when needed without using more fuel.  Actually it increases the rate of acceleration and acceleration and reduces the work done required by the engine.

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IMA: INTEGRATED MOTOR ASSIST  IMA Integrated motor assist Honda car technology has less powerful generator which allow the car to stop and slow down. Many cars has used IMA technology.  Now ISG replaces all conventional system because efficiency of IMA is lesser than ISG.  If u want to buy some new car and a good cash for your old Volvo car get attractive cash for Volvo car here.

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