How To Include Pets in Family Pictures

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If you have been struggling to get the perfect family photo that includes your dog , we hope this guide will help you achieve your goal. For the best breed of dogs for sale in Dubai contact EUROPETS.


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How To Include Pets in Family Pictures

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Getting your pet prepared.. Your dogs in Dubai are your family members too as a pet parent there is a lot of fun things a parent can do and show off the latest tricks that their pets in Dubai learned or the funniest sleeping position the other one found during the night or even the mischievous things they do like toppling flower pots or ripping a cushion. If you have been struggling to get the perfect family photo that includes your dog we hope this guide will help you achieve your goal.

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Be spontaneous There is no requirement to plan for a photo-shoot often the best pictures are the ones that are captured without posing or planning for it you can only plan so much for the perfect picture. Some of the best pet pictures and moments are captured at the most unexpected times so have fun and let your dog guide the shoot if possible.

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Play Around When youre behind the lens make sure to allow the dogs to play around with a pet toy or with the children for a while as this is a good opportunity to catch those authentic smiles and heartwarming snuggles that you might want to capture. If you have limited time with a professional photographer your dog might benefit from doggy treats that are available at the pet store in Dubai which encourages calm behavior.

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Stay patient and calm Your pet will feed off your energy especially hyper active dogs like pomeranians in Dubai and if you’re anxious about getting the perfect photo they will sense it. So take a deep breath have fun and understand that they are just as excited as you are to create a family memory. If you are taking pictures in a location your dog is not familiar with it’s a good idea to let him sniff around and get comfortable before trying to ease him into portrait-ready position. Remember how awkward and difficult it is with children to have a family portrait taken and everyone sits still.

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Use little treats Your pet dogs ear perks up at the sound and the mention of the word pet T-R-E-A-Ts word so use that to your advantage when you’re taking pictures it will help keep the pet still and focused. You can have anything done with the pet and use tasty treats to motivate your dog to move to certain areas within a shot or sit and stay while the photographer snaps some precious memories.

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Have a comfortable environment Sometimes pets can make it more difficult to capture the perfect shot especially if the pictures are taken outside and your pet is not happy to be outdoors. The best advice is to let your pet do her own thing until she gets comfortable and just snap away until you get the best photos and eventually comes up and snuggles up in your lap or at your feet.

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