How to Train a Puppy

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Learning to train your puppy is not that tough if you know how to go about it, either through experience or by using an excellent training guide from someone who does. The trick is to have patience and be tenacious.


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Points to Train a Puppy/Dog:

Points to Train a Puppy/Dog How to leash train a dog/ puppy ? How to bath How to groom a dog? How to trim dog nails? how to clean dog ears? How to make a dog vomit?

How to leash train a dog/ puppy? :

How to leash train a dog/ puppy? Many people think that dogs know innately how to walk politely on a leash , but this skill is something that needs to be trained. Fortunately, it is one of the easiest skills to teach a puppy . Some Points of leash train a dog/ puppy Quick Summary of Leash Training Keep the strap in the knot. Say "let's go" and start walking. Reward your dog when you are by his side for each step. If your dog is going to shoot soon, say "easy". Say "oops" when your dog pulls, releases the knot and turns and goes in another direction Reward when the dog is by your side when it passes by your side and for each step that goes with you . Find here more about how to leash train a dog/ puppy ?

How to bath:

How to bath Each animal has a different nature and while some dogs may love water, there are others who absolutely hate it. And even if your dog loves water, bathing them is not the easiest job in the world, as they can be very restless and restless. For this reason, many pet owners tend to bathe their dog only once on a blue moon. This poses a real danger to health for both the animal and the people who mix with it because a non-hygienic canine has a greater risk of contracting diseases. So never ignore the health of your pet and give him a good brush. Visit us today for information on how to bathe your dog / puppy .

How to Groom a Dog? :

How to G room a Dog ? If your dog is short-haired, a brush / curry comb or a curry brush is fine . Dogs with longer hair require a polished brush, a pin brush and, if they are moving, they rake the rake. You also get waste disposal tools and blades that easily remove loose hair. You may also need a flea comb to check if you have picked fleas, particularly if you have been around other dogs . Your pet store will have all kinds of flea remedies. Start brushing your dog as soon as possible to get used to it. For more about how to groom a dog visit us .

How to Trim Dog Nails? :

How to Trim Dog Nails ? The cutting of the nails should be done safely to avoid injury to the dog. The health of the dog is very compromised by the long nails that end up exerting an excess of pressure on the joints of the fingers. Some dog nails are prone to deformities, especially for puppies that grow fast and if they are left for a long period of time, they cause walking difficulties, leading to a strain on the joints of the back and hip. Careful measures must be taken to ensure a stress-free nail cutting exercise.

How to Clean Dog Ears? :

How to Clean Dog Ears ? Dogs have very sensitive ears and this job can be a challenge for many pet owners who take on this procedure alone. So please keep eye on some points. Before you begin to clean your dog's ears, you will need a few supplies: Ear cleansing solution: Look for a quality ear cleaner recommended by veterinarians. Cotton balls, cotton pads or gauze squares Cotton-tipped applicators Tweezers or hemostats (for dogs with too much hair in the ear canals) A towel or two

How to Make a Dog Vomit? :

How to Make a Dog Vomit ? How to Make a Dog Vomit — Safely Think about what time the pet ingested the toxin and when they last ate. It should be within 2-3 hours of toxin ingestion. A small amount of food will make emesis more successful. Make sure your pet is alert. Do not induce vomiting if your pet seems disoriented or drowsy. Administer a small volume of hydrogen peroxide based on your veterinarian’s recommendation. Monitor your pet closely after emesis.

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