Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom Renovation


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Planning for a bathroom renovation in Vancouver? Read this article to find out the minor things that you should not neglect to add more life and value to your bath space. Visit for more information.


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Concentrate on these Small Details to Make a Huge Difference on Your Bathroom Renovation:

Concentrate on these Small Details to Make a Huge Difference on Your Bathroom Renovation


Did you know remodelling kitchens and bathrooms are top priority for Canadian homeowners and 50 per cent of Canadian homeowners on Houzz are planning to remodel their bathrooms?


Want to transform your good master bathroom remodel into a great one? Follow these tips to make a big difference on your bathroom renovation. These makeovers are not cheap but can add more value to your property.


Radiant flooring Radiant flooring is not only a good investment but it’s a really nice feature to wake up to every morning. The installation process of these flooring is same as that of laying tiles. In addition to keeping your floors warm, these floors also accelerate drying and prevent the risk of slips and falls.


Stain-resistant Grout Grout has become more popular among the renovators and is extremely durable and almost completely stainproof . This costs more than traditional grouts but its stain-resistant formulas cut down on tedious cleaning.


Skylights Is your bath dark and dreary? Skylights can brighten up your bath space by flooding it with more natural light. These skylights are the best option for bathroom that doesn’t have windows and sits in the middle of the house.


Heated Shower Mirrors With a fogless mirror, you will no longer have to wipe mirrors after warm showers and leave streaks on them. It also allows you to shave or remove make-up in the shower. Such types of shower mirrors can be placed in master bathrooms with a single vanity.


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