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Commercial Benefits of Blast Cleaning Machine Euroblast UAE

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Blast Cleaning Machine 2 ● Nowadays blast cleaning has become a vital part of the construction industry and it is a highly skilled task in the industry. ● Blast cleaning machine works under a high pressure. ● Pressurised liquids the wheel and air are used as the propellant. ● It is the most widely used commercial machine for small surface corrections.

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The commercial benefits of blast cleaning machines include: 3

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Removes Corrosion 4

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➝ This helps to remove the rust stains and the build of corrosion. ➝ It also removes the moisture present between the corrosive plates. 5

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Surface Preparation 6

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➝ This method provides with a preparation for further cleaning. ➝ It will make a rough surface clean. Or shape a surface or also can roughen the surface if required. 7

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Cleaning of walls 8

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➝ A thorough cleaning of walls is required after the construction work is done. ➝ It will help to smooth the surface without any damage to the walls. ➝ The surface becomes very smooth and shiny without any dirt or cement particles. 9

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Safe environment 10

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➝ Blast cleaning machines give the safest environment. In this no chemicals are used no acids are used. ➝ The dust is just swept away by the powerful vacuum and also the dust collection is done by the machine itself. 11

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Save time 12

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➝ It saves a lot of save by cleaning up all types of corrosion on any surface. ➝ Blast cleaning machines help to remove the rust mill scale and also the removing of moisture. ➝ It is provided with the strong bond between the surfaces and the ground. It also provides the ideal finish for all surfaces for a nicer and cleaner look. 13

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● Blast cleaning machine is used to clean up the unwanted corrosion on many surfaces. It uses calcium carbonate as the main element. ● This is used to strip off the paint from the metal surfaces wooden surfaces and also aluminium surfaces. 14

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● Grit is also traditionally used in blast cleaning machines. ● It can be used to highly on corrode steel surfaces cement build-ups the building steps the walls while cementing the wooden floors and many more. ● It releases no harmful chemicals and safe way to remove excess build ups. 15

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● However skilled labour is required to operate blast cleaning machines as these works under high pressures. ● Proper care should be taken while operating these machines. ● There is a safe uniform to wear according to the industrial standards to avoid any physical injuries while operating the machine. 16

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17 Contact us: Euroblast UAE P.O Box 31230 Dubai United Arab Emirates. Mail: Visit:

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