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Euroblast is the well - known thermal spray coating company in UAE. Our services are rendered by the professionals in our team who are well known about the industry. Visit:


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Types of Thermal Spray Coating Process Euroblast UAE

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Thermal Spray Coating Thermal spray coating is becoming popular day by day and it is used in a number of applications such as protecting airplanes buildings and other structures from high temperatures chemicals or other environmental conditions like humidity and rain. 2

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Important Methods to Create Thermal spray Coating

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● In HVOF method a torch is used that tells the flame to spread whenever the nozzle is used. ● With this technique rapid acceleration is generated and it speeds up the particles in the mixture. ● The effective thin coating comes as a result and that you can apply evenly. ● No matter how thin it is this coating is still strong and adheres well. 5

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● If you have a surface that does not handle the high stress then Combustion flame spraying is the perfect one. ● The final product or the coating comes as a result of this process is not strong enough that can stay attached to the surface for a long time. ● This thing happens because the spraying mechanism is powered by a lower flame velocity. ● This method is famous because of its low cost and it is used in various low-intensity applications. ● 7

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● To heat and spray the coating plasma spraying method generally makes use of a torch. ● Somehow this method is similar to combustion flame spraying once the powder material has been melted down. ● This melted coating apply to the product the same as the combustion flame spraying method. ● This method is accepted widely because of its adaptability. ● 9

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These are some of the most popular methods to generate thermal spray coating. You can find various thermal spray coating companies to get standard quality thermal spray coating nearby your area. 10

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11 Contact us: Euroblast UAE P.O Box 31230 Dubai United Arab Emirates. Mail: Visit:

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