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We at Euroblast UAE pride ourselves on our exceptional road marking service. We use the latest anti slip and anti skid paint where appropriate and use both hot and cold application depending on the surface. Our machinery is modern and used by trained staff. For more info: Contact : +971 4 282 4400 Visit:


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What is the paint on the roads are made out of

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➢ The additional solid and detectably white and yellow paint utilized on the streets is produced using thermoplastic sap blended with titanium-dioxide shade and little intelligent glass dabs. ➢ This road marking paint is made additional solid since it needs to withstand anything that nature tosses at it rainsunwarm and so on. ➢ Street teams are additional cautious to utilize just the best paint accessible and utilize it well.

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Types of road marking paint are given below

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1. Water Based Road Paints ➢ It is brilliant exceedingly obvious and in a perfect world utilized as a part of parking areas and other light activity zones. ➢ Glass globules can be included for additional reflection.

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2. Latex Road Paints ➢ It dries quickly in just 1 to 2 minutes when warmed. It is a perfect street paint that requires quick dry circumstances and is less influenced by stickiness than other street paints. ➢ Glass dots can likewise be added to this sort of street paint.

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3. CH32CO Road Paints ➢ The CH32CO paint we utilize is a customary dry street paint that is non-warm connected. ➢ This street painting is best utilized on restored black-top surfaces.

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4. Thermoplastic Paints Thermoplastic street paint has a remarkable property in which it begins as a strong transforms into a fluid when warmed and after that transforms into a strength again when it cools.

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Euroblast ME provide custom – efficient road making paint around UAE in a cost-effective manner with quality substances.

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Euroblast UAE P.O Box 31230 Dubai United Arab Emirates. Tel: +971 4 2824400/2824200 Visit: Email:

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