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Euroblast has a broad experience in all types of garnet blasting and our experienced survey team will advise on the correct application to meet the customer requirements. Visit:


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How Garnet Abrasive is used for Blast Cleaning Euroblast UAE

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What is Garnet ● Garnet generally comes from the deposit of either Almandite or Andradite. This mineral is widely used for sandblasting. ● This mineral is used for dry and wet sandblasting both so its the most popular abrasive. ● In an application where there is minimum or no transfer of grit requires into the substrate garnet works as the best adhesive. ● It s also the best adhesive for coating.

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1. LOW DUSTING EMISSIONS ● If you are looking for a clean and fast blasting adhesive Garnet is the one that can satisfy your needs. ● Garnet provides minimum dust emissions and so you can get the best blast cleaning through Garnet. ● It also settles quickly because of the high gravity.

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2. GREAT PRODUCTIVITY ● Its quite possible to get very fast cutting when a massive number of grains of an accurate shape impacting on the surface at a high speed. ● Smaller grains of garnet increases much more easily and provide good impact energy to surfaces. ● This way you can get the impressive cleaning rate.

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3. LESS USE OF THE MINERAL- POSSIBILITY OF RECYCLING ● Because of the hardness of Garnet it lasts much longer. ● This thing makes it the most cost-effective adhesive. ● And when you use the Garnet the abrasive use becomes low. ● So you can easily recycle it two times or more than that when starting with the coarser grade.

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4. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY ● The silica level comes in Garnet is very low that makes it non-toxic material. ● This gives the surety that there is no problem of silicosis or any issue of contamination from leachable heavy metal or radioactive material. ● Garnet environment-friendly as well as sustainable.

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If you are planning to purchase Garnet for the business purpose check online you will get great options to choose from. Take a quotation from them and choose the best one. From an Expert Euroblast UAE - Garnet Blasting

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Contact us: Euroblast UAE P.O Box 31230 Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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