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If you are not a professional sandblaster, don't do this job by yourself. It's a risky one. There are many sandblasting companies in Dubai, you can hire the best one as per your requirements. For more info: Contact : +971 4 282 4400 Visit:


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Points To Consider For Accurate Sandblasting Euroblast UAE

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Sandblasting ● Sandblasting generally requires the appropriate training and it should be left to experienced professionals. ● If you want to clean retexture or unblemish the targeted surface with high speed sandblasting is the method.

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HERE ARE SOME OF THE INDUSTRIES WHERE SANDBLASTING IS USED: ● Concrete Construction ● Regular Building Maintenance ● Decorative Etching ● Removal of Graffiti Or Paint ● Rust Removal From Metal Surfaces ● For Oil Grease Dirt Paint And Oxides Removal

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Some tips to keep you safe at the time of sandblasting process: ● Before starting any sandblasting project wear goggles or any type of snug-fitting protective eye-glasses that can prevent your eyes from the sand particles. ● You must cover your mouth and nose with the protective filter. ● Generally the complete suit contain durable work gloves to protect the complete body duct tape to cover the ankles opening and wrists to keep the sand outside of the suit.

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Selection of Tools ● The material such as sand or abrasive particles should be debris-free and uniformly shaped to complete the project successfully. ● For the appropriate sandblasting work the air compression should have the steady air pressure of 70 PSI to 100 PSI.

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Sandblasting Process ● In the process of sandblasting the spraying of sand stays continuous till the desired result is not achieved. ● The charging of sandblasting tank should be happened through effective abrasive material like sand. ● Its important that the sandblaster stays in motion all the time while the process of sandblasting. ● If the sandblaster stays steady at one place the hole will appear on the surface in the fraction of the time.

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If you are not a professional sandblaster dont do this job by yourself. Its a risky one. There are many sandblasting companies in Dubai you can hire the best one as per your requirements.

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Contact us: Euroblast UAE P.O Box 31230 Dubai United Arab Emirates. m

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