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We are offering fully processed and graded Copper Slag (iron silicate) to be used for blasting / cleaning and various other applications. Euroblast is the sole exporter of processed Copper Slag from UAE. Contact : +971 4 282 4400 Visit:


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Why We Use Copper Slag For Blasting Euroblast UAE

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● Many businesses that are involved in construction or heavy machinery make use of the blasting process to prepare a surface for painting or to clean a surface and remove caked on dirt. ● Unless you work in an industry where blasting is a common practice it is likely that you dont know much about it at all.

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● There are a number of materials that can be used in blasting including copper slag powdered abrasives and even small bits of walnut and coconut shells. ● Each of these materials has a particular application within the industry and each has a number of benefits that have led to its use.

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A copper slag in blasting can be used as per the fulfillment of following requirements: ● Properly clean the surface of the object ● Copper slag is widely used material to carve glass and plastic ● Less expensive material for high velocity blast ● Easily to produce and supply by dealer ● Very efficient and can be recycled too

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What tools are needed to undertake the process ● It is traditionally a single machine that is comprised of three parts - the abrasive the blaster nozzle and the air compressor. ● The machine will also be fitted with a collector that collects any excess dust preventing as much as possible from being released into the air.

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Safety Precautions ● Need to ensure that they are equipped with the proper safety equipment to protect them from inhaling harmful contaminants. ● This includes a respirator mask and safety glasses.

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Euroblast supplies a complete range of coal and copper slag used in blasting with the proper environment conduction.

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Contact us: Euroblast UAE P.O Box 31230 Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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