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In this PPT, we have discussed about the brief introduction of fashion and its tips which will provide the help to you how to change your style and make you fashionable.


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Change in fashion with time:

Change in fashion with time


WHAT IS FASHION? Fashion is an art, a job , a peek in to personality and it is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories.

Why we wear this?:

Why we wear this? Fashion is a something we deal with it every day, we are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas like: music, video, books and TV. Movie is also big impact on what people bear for instance.

What is fashion designer?:

What is fashion designer? Fashion design is the designing and creating of new fashion trends. It is a glamorous career with a lot of money to be a made. It can described as the person who got knowledge and skills in designing cloths using all the materials like: fabrics and designing it in any kinds of style and fashion

Why does fashion change?:

Why does fashion change? Fashion change because people change. We always want something new. Clothing change for practicable reasons, for appropriateness for the season and for the adoption to environment situations. In some cases the popularity of fashion endure for many season because of the combination of these reasons.

Kinds of fashion:

Kinds of fashion Two types of fashion are used such as; Haute couture ready to wear

Haute couture :

Haute couture This is most important types for the fashion, because the fashion word is began with the French word. The meaning of this word is high fashion, they includes designers and original designers.

ready to wear :

ready to wear This term used to describe mass produced garments. These includes designers original designers manufactured to a certain number for department s and offered at lower prices.

The collection:

The collection The fashion designer are used the various collection such as : Theme D esigning

Theme :

Theme A designers select a theme that represents their collection . It can be period in history, a foreign place and a range of colors , a types of fabrics.

Designing :

Designing After the ground work is completed for the nature of the collection, the designer must be decide how many and what type of garments should be included in the collection.

Who I am..:

Who I am.. Eugenia Cason NJ is a fashion designer who is located in New Jersey she is specialize in fashion trends, cloths and accessories.

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