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In this PPT, we have discussed about the benefits of women fashion and its tips which will provide the help to you how to make a more stylish and fashionable.


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Tips of Women Fashion:

Tips of Women Fashion

What is Fashion?:

What is Fashion? The fashion is the accepted day to day way of dressing at the given time, if you see everyone wearing the same style and color when they have not been the trend before like is in fashion. It’s the general term for a popular style of the practice they includes such as: clothing, footwear and makeup etc.

Fashion Design:

Fashion Design The fashion design is the designing and creating of new fashion trends. The fashion design must be described by the person who got the knowledge and skill in designing cloths and using the all martial's such as: style and fashion.

Why Does Fashion Change:

Why Does F ashion Change Fashion change the simple meaning is people change, because we always want something new. The clothing change for participle reasons for the appropriateness for the season and the adaption's to the environment situations.

Types of Fashion:

Types of Fashion Haute couture Ready to wear

Haute Culture :

Haute C ulture The haute culture is begin after the French revaluations in 1789. they are includes the high fashion, individually and originally handmade garments for elite such as:$2k-$40k.

Ready to Wear :

Ready to Wear This type of fashion is also known as “pret-a- porte ”. This term is mainly described the mass produced the garments. These are includes the original designer manufactured to a certain number for department stores and offered at lower prices.

Fashion Year:

Fashion Year Work a year in advance 2 seasons: Spring/summer: lightweight Autumn/winter : heavier fabric

The Brand:

The Brand E ach fashion hub and then every fashion house is an own identity. The collection has to identify with the look and complement each other.

Theme of Collection:

Theme of Collection The fashion designer selects the theme, color and types of the fabric, history and some special events.

Fashion Show:

Fashion Show Press and buyers get their the first look of the collection at the show.

For Example::

For Example: Eugenia Cason NJ is fashion designer which are provide the unique and stylish fashion tips, who currently living in United States.

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