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Lets’ get Graphing : 

Lets’ get Graphing Danielle Alexander Tarrah Keaton November 16, 2010

Unit Summary : 

Unit Summary In this lesson the students will be able to collect data, interpret the data, and convert the data into a graph. As an ice breaker the lesson started off with charting the population of New Orleans in the form of a pie chart. Throughout the lesson their should be a question and answer segment before and after each session of the presented material to the students. At the end of the lesson some students should come up and demonstrate what they have learned from the lesson at hand.

Slide 3: 

Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential Questions Why is graphing important? Do we really need graphing? Unit Questions What are graphs? Why do we use graphs? When should you use a graph? Content Questions What are the different types of graphs? What are some information used in graphing? Can a grade book be used on a graph?

21st Century Standards : 

This project will help our student acquire knowledge about information by using 21th century skills Analyzing data and interpreting into information. Using the data to illustrate numerical data on the graph Collaborating with Peers 21st Century Standards

Slide 5: 

First get and organized the data given to you. Second decide what type of graph you would like to use and which graph would be better for the data. Third plot the given data. Fourth display the graph. Fifth explain the graph in detail. Steps for Graphing

Pre-Assessment Student Samples http://teboo.glogster.com/graphing-effects : 

Pre-Assessment Student Samples http://teboo.glogster.com/graphing-effects

Gauging Students Needs Assessments : 

Gauging Students Needs Assessments I will use my Essential and Unit Questions to: Find out what students think about what a graph is used for . Gather information on higher-order thinking and 21st century skills: By answering what can a graph be used for and to promote learning other skills graphing. By using graphs the student can categorize different topics’ that they are interested in and share numerical data to create an out come that can be analyze.

Our Goals for the Students : 

Our Goals for the Students The students should be able to analyze the data. The students should be able to determine which type of graph to use. The students should be able to plot the data on the graph correctly. The students should be able to example what was done and how it was done.

Goals for Students : 

Goals for Students They should be able to look at any graph and determine what type of graph it is. They should be able to tell where the title, table, scales, symbols and key. Students will be able to use basic function buttons on the promethean board.

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