Transportation and Georgia’s Economy

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Transportation and Georgia’s Economy : 

Transportation and Georgia’s Economy By: Edna Todd

Georgia Performance Standard and Essential Question : 

Georgia Performance Standard and Essential Question Standard: SS8G2 The student will explain how the Interstate Highway, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Railways, and Georgia’s Seaports help drive the economy. Essential Questions: How did these forms of transportation arrive in Georgia? Why are they important to Georgia’s Economy? How do the interstates connect Georgia to the rest of the nation?

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents Georgia’s Railroads Pie Chart on commodities transported via rail Georgia’s Interstate Highways Map of Georgia’s Interstates Georgia’s Seaports Economic Impact of Georgia’s Seaports Rail and Interstate Map from Seaport Atlanta Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport Video on Atlanta’s Airport Table on Passenger volume in airports across the nation Georgia Transportation Time Line Activities

Georgia Railroads : 

Georgia Railroads Georgia’s first railways had routes leading from Athens, Augusta, Savannah and Macon in the 1830’s. Today Georgia has 5000 miles of rail network supported by two main lines, Norfolk Southern and CSX along with several short lines. In 1836 Western and Atlantic Railroad completed a railroad that connected Chattanooga, Tennessee to Terminus (later known as Atlanta) that joined other railroads throughout Georgia. Atlanta became a key target during the Civil War because it was a vital transportation hub in the South. Towns grew as railroads crossed Georgia expanding economic growth. Railways connect sea ports.

Commodities transported by rail : 

Commodities transported by rail

Georgia Interstates : 

Georgia Interstates The interstate highway system was first envisioned in the 1930’s as a means to encourage economic development and provide the nations defense a better way to travel across country when needed. In 1956 President Dwight D. Eisenhower launched the highway system through the Federal Aid Highway Act. Georgia now has 1,244 miles of highways that links Georgia to the rest of the nation. Georgia’s 15 interstates serve a vital role in the state’s economy. I-75, I-85, I-285, I-985, I-516, I-520, I-416, I-675, I-20, I-24, I-575, I-59, I-475, I-16, I-95

Slide 7: 

Map of Georgia’s largest Interstates

Georgia’s Seaports : 

Georgia’s Seaports Georgia’s two Seaports are located in Savannah and Brunswick. The Savannah port has state of art cargo handling equipment and serves over 100 lines of steamships. Savannah’s port moves over 16% of the East Coast’s cargo from overseas. Savannah is one of the few ports in the country which has two class 1 railroad facilities on site. Brunswick is ranked as the 6th largest automobile port in the nation.

Georgia Seaports Economic Impact : 

Georgia Seaports Economic Impact Statewide Impact 352,146 full- and part-time jobs (8.3% of Georgia’s total employment) *  $66.9 billion in sales (9.5% of Georgia’s total sales) *  $32.4 billion in state GDP (7.8% of Georgia’s total GDP) *  $18.5 billion in income (5.2% of Georgia’s total personal income) *  $1.4 billion in state taxes *  $1.1 billion in local taxes *

Savannah/Brunswick Seaport to Interstate and Rail Service : 

Savannah/Brunswick Seaport to Interstate and Rail Service Rail Interstate

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport : 

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Georgia’s Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the busiest in the world. It averages 250,000 passengers a day. Hartsfield, a former mayor of Atlanta, founded the airport in 1925. Each month the airport handles approximately 54,000 metric tons of cargo and 60,000 metric tons of mail. More that 150 limousine, car rental and shuttle bus companies along with 300 taxis serve Georgia’s airport. Direct Economic impact on Georgia’s metro Atlanta area of 32.5 billion per year. Largest employer in the state of Georgia.

Slide 12: 

Click on link to watch video on Hartsfield Jackson International Airport,AAAAAEM5N1U~,8TYAlu2PuKzjlu2pO0iwqumYodM1wb__&bctid=1711761574,AAAAAEM5N1U~,8TYAlu2PuKzjlu2pO0iwqumYodM1wb__&bctid=1711761574

Transportation Time Line For Georgia click to enjoy time line music : 

Transportation Time Line For Georgia click to enjoy time line music 1744: Port traffic begins in Savannah 1837:  The area now comprising the city was chosen as the site for a new railroad terminus connecting Georgia with Chattanooga, TN and points west, including the Chattahoochee and Tennessee Rivers.  The city was dubbed "Terminus," and the termination point is now Five Points in downtown Atlanta. 1843: "Terminus" was renamed "Marthasville" in honor of Martha Lumpkin, daughter of Georgia Gov. Wilson Lumpkin.  The town spread out around the train depot. 1845:  "Marthasville" was renamed "Atlanta," a feminine form of Atlantic, probably created by Steven Harriman Long, a Western & Atlantic Railroad engineer. 1847: Atlanta was incorporated as a city. 1861:  The Civil War began.  Atlanta was considered the transportation hub of the Southeast. 1929: The city purchased Candler Field (now the site of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport), which was handling 16 passenger and airmail flights daily. 1958: Construction of the first interstate highway in Georgia began - it would become I-85. 1960’s: Construction of I-75 through Georgia. 1970:  Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) purchased the Atlanta Transit System and began extending its routes, replacing its old buses and engineering a rapid rail system.

Activity Choices : 

Activity Choices Science With a partner, use a flow chart to show what natural resources helped Georgia create such a rich economy. Flow chart Math Determine the shortest route from Savannah to Detroit by interstate and train. How many states will you travel through using each mode of transportation? Which will take longer? Then determine what place did Houston’s airport rank based on passenger enplaned in 2010? Language Arts Write a paragraph describing what your life might be like living in Georgia now without our various modes of transportation.

Flow Chart : 

Flow Chart

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