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Farmville bot:

Farmville bot From Best Farmville Strategy Guides

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Hi this is Eric, a fellow Farmville addict from Today we are going to talk about Farmville Bots.

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DO NOT USE BOTS! If Zynga realizes you are using any type of cheat, they will ban you! I myself would never risk it so I would not suggest anyone try them.

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There are types of cheats for Farmville such as bots But after looking at comments I found less than half the bots actually worked With underground programs like that you also run a big risk of getting a virus.

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Instead of spending money on a bot and risk getting banned, Get a game guide to give you that extra competitive edge. My top pick, Farmville Champ has regular video updates to keep you ahead of the curve

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Just click the link below the arrow to head over to And check out Farmville Champ! CLICK HERE!

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