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ESY THINK AIMING TOWARDS SUCCESS One Stop Solution for Schools, Teachers  & Parents


" A learning community dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners. " ESYTHINK MOTTO


Topics of Discussion MAIN POINTS Introduction What is the problem? Our Solutions Our Services Different from other Peers Market Competition Business model Future Plans Let's Talk


OVERVIEW Esythink is a unique platform started in year 2018 for Schools, Teachers and Parents. It facilitate School to get competent and filtered teacher, help teacher to find most suitable job destination and assist parent in their child admission. Esythink starts with a noble objective that is to avail quality education to all student across the country by vanishing the differentiations among teacher, school and parent trough putting all together in a common platform, so that they compliment each-other mutually. Intro duction


What is the Problems? School : Despite spending heavily on recruitment regulators, the school is not guaranteed the best teachers. Teachers : Qualified and knowledgeable teachers do not get the honor to their abilities, hence they remain in disgust and dissatisfaction forTeacher job. Parents : Parents do not get enormous time to visit school to school for their child admission.


Our Solutions HOW DO WE HELP SCHOOLS? Provide competent teacher to school after examine their quality and qualification with the help of next-generation testing interface. We assist schools to get bulk admission through our interface without any mass management headache. HOW DO WE HELP TEACHERS? We facilitate teacher to find & apply  in top schools of India without any hidden charge We helps him to test their teaching skill by our unique examination platform. HOW DO WE HELP PARENTS? Parents get the availability of seat in different school for child admission over a single click. We help them to fill admission form in desired schools without waiting in queue.


Job for Teachers Child Admission for Parents Forum for Teachers Hire Teacher for Schools Our Services


Different from others  India’s first initiative that associate all pillar of schooling I.e. Teacher, School and Parent. We are not a consultancy, we just put all school associates on a common platform and help the to full fill their needs by mutual cooperation. We offer free posting of vacancy over our platform to all School. First platform that ensure the quality of teacher and school before hiring or admission. Any teacher can apply against any vacancy with any payment up to 12 vacancy in a year. We provide a vibrant discussion forum, where teacher can ask question, share experience or ask question related to academic and career.


Market The Indian school market is currently exhibiting strong growth. India holds an important place in the global education industry with around 1.8 million K-12 schools and a student base of 252 million. It contains different segments based on the categorization of classes and ownership. With a constantly growing population of around 1.37 billion, India represents the world’s second-largest populated.


Compe tition We are the only one in the market that caters to all three partners of schooling.  There are many players like,,, simplyhire, fresherworld ,Teachaway, educator one, etc are also supporting teachers to get the job but no one is catering for all three pillar i.e school, parent & teacher simultaneously. So we have a sky full of opportunity without any competitor.


80% Business Model Good teachers are wondering here and there for a teaching destination where they found honor and satisfaction and on another side schools get trouble to find competent teachers without any intense afford. Recruitment intermediaries do not ensure the quality, hence schools and teachers feel cheated when they didnot found adequate quality. Our business model is fulfilling the interest of three pillars of the education system i.e. teacher, school and parent by complimenting their need through Mutual cooperation. We are the one-stop solution for the school’s tension to get a competent teacher and enthusiastic student, teacher’s concern to get satisfactory job destination and parent’s headache to get admission in a good academic campus. Top Schools of India are registered with us


Our Reach/Statistics  Our Customers/Clients TEACHERS SCHOOLS PARENTS 50,000 + 5,000 + 10,000 +


Our Satisfied Clients We have 5000+ satisfied and Happy Schools


Into the Future WHAT'S NEW IN FUTURE? E-LEARNING Parents can P urchase E - Learning packages for their children SCHOOL FEE PAYMENTS Parents can directly pay their child fees to the School INTERVIEW PREPARATION/RESUME Interview Tips and resume making service for Teachers


Sector -18 , MM Tower , Gurugram , India MAILING ADDRESS +91 9955099781 PHONE NUMBER EMAIL ADDRESS Let's Talk CONTACT US

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