Decoding the issues of Soil and Water Contamination

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Decoding the Issues with Soil & Water Contamination


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slide 1: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Decoding the Issues with Soil Water Contamination

slide 2: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Severe Cases of Soil Water Contamination 90 million tons of hazardous wastes get dumped into soil and water each year in EU. Explosives were found in the groundwater of the Milan Army Ammunition Plant. Soil of the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant found contaminated with 10000 1900 900 mg/kg of TNT RDX HMX respectively. The Pantex Plant used during World War II by the U.S. Army is highly contaminated with explosives. In the US the army alone has estimated that over 1.2 million tons of soils have been contaminated with explosives.

slide 3: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Hazardous Impacts of Explosives in Soil Water Cancer Geohelminth Infection Congenital Anomalies Impotency Podoconiosis Hookworm Disease

slide 4: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Introducing… zNose ® A One-stop Solution to fight contamination

slide 5: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. 1 gm of soil was weighed into a 2 ml vial. One ml of acetone was added to the vial and the mixture was shaken vigorously for 3 minutes and then centrifuged. A known quantity of liquid was then extracted and measured into a new vial where it was diluted up to 1000:1 with acetone. One microliter of diluted liquid was then injected into the inlet of the zNose® maintained at 200°C. Soil Testing:

slide 6: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Results:

slide 7: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Water was analyzed using Supelco Sep-Pak RDX SPE cartridges. Each cartridge was conditioned by running 15 ml of acetonitrile followed by 30 ml reagent grade water through it at 10 ml/minute. 100 ml of the water sample was then drawn through the cartridge at the same rate using an adjustable valve and a vacuum system to maintain flow. The cartridge was then flushed with 5 ml of acetonitrile resulting in a 20:1 concentration step. One microliter of the extract was then injected into the zNose®. Water Testing:

slide 8: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Results:

slide 9: Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. Email us at: Contact us We are keen to tell you more about EST zNOSE®

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