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Enterprise Mobility Strategy. The webinar covered • What is Enterprise Mobility and what is happening in the corporate world? • Why Enterprise Mobility Strategy and how to go about the same? • How Endeavour can help?


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Enterprise Mobility Strategy : 

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Agenda : 

Agenda Introduction Enterprise Mobility and what’s happening in the corporate world Why Enterprise Mobility Strategy and how to go about it? How can Endeavour help? www.techendeavour.com

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Enterprise Mobility www.techendeavour.com Bringing the Enterprise to the point of activity Why Enterprise Mobility? A Business Necessity Improve Operational Efficiency Reduce Cost

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Evolution www.techendeavour.com

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What’s happening in the Corporate World? www.techendeavour.com

Why Enterprise Mobility Strategy? How to go about it? : 

Why Enterprise Mobility Strategy? How to go about it? www.techendeavour.com

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www.techendeavour.com Factors

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www.techendeavour.com Need for a strategy

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Enterprise Mobility Strategy – How to go about it? www.techendeavour.com

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A Strategy – How to go about? www.techendeavour.com Understand the organization’s Goals Business, technology, and mobility landscape People, Process and Technology maturity Mobility wish list

Slide 11: 

Strategy – How to go about? Analyze Information gathered against the Enterprise Mobility Factors Mobile Infrastructure Needs Device Selection Device Management Mobile Enterprise Application Platform People, Policy and Process impacts www.techendeavour.com

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Device Selection www.techendeavour.com

Slide 13: 

Mobile Infrastructure Management www.techendeavour.com

Slide 14: 

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform www.techendeavour.com

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How to go about security? www.techendeavour.com

Slide 16: 

Enterprise Mobility Strategy - How to go about it? Strategize & Plan Application Strategy TCO Components Infrastructure and Support Strategy A Mobility Roadmap www.techendeavour.com

Slide 17: 

Total Cost of Ownership www.techendeavour.com

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Mobility Roadmap Quick wins(0-1 Months) Select Easy to implement solutions for Pilots Show the value from the quick wins to the management. Serves as the base for any sort of learning that might be needed Short Term Goals(0-2 Years) Plan short term activities, which can be measured, depending upon the organization goals Consider all infrastructure related activities like implementation of MDM tools and the expertise needed Medium Term Goals(1-3 Years) Align them to the vision of the organization Consider the overall rollout of applications Revisiting the strategy www.techendeavour.com

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Enterprise Mobility Strategy – How to go about it? Re-visit Why? Evolving People, process, technology and cost factors When? Define an evaluation plan and follow it How? Collect metrics on success of usage, review business and use cases, assess the device and technology landscape www.techendeavour.com

How Endeavour can help? : 

How Endeavour can help? www.techendeavour.com

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Endeavour’s Approach www.techendeavour.com

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Questions & Answers www.techendeavour.com

Thank You. : 

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