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Mexican Hot Cocoa :

Mexican Hot Cocoa


 Chocolate beverage originated by the Mayans A bitter spicy drink Very quick and easy to make Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 5 minutes FOR DETAILS – CLICK HERE INTRODUCTION


Soy milk  Sugar cane juice Cocoa powder Vanilla extract Salt Cinnamon Cayenne FOR MORE DETAILS – CLICK HERE INGREDIENTS


In a cup, combine the above all ingredients and puree it in a mixer to prepare a solution which has liquid consistency. Later heat the mixture gradually to make it thick and frothy in a pot or a stove. Pour over the mixture in a glass or a mug and allow it to set for a while. Top with whipped cream or coconut cravings and serve. METHOD

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THANK YOU To take the taste of it, follow the recipe and make it. To know more about other recipes visit here-

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