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Delicious Chocolate Ice crea m :

Delicious Chocolate Ice crea m - IN JUST SIX STEPS


INTRODUCTION A dairy product  which makes frozen dessert Either winter or summer everyone loved this dessert. Rich cream is free of fat. Easy to cook. Ready in 30mins FOR MORE DETAILS – CLICK HERE


INGREDIENTS Milk Dark Chocolate slab Rich Cream Cocoa powder White Icing Sugar PRODUCTS YOU WILL NEED: Ice cream maker. Double boiler. Measuring cups and spoon. Spoon/whisk.


METHOD Grate the dark chocolate and place grated chocolate into double boiler until it melt properly.  Add milk, cream,  white sugar in the boiler and wait until sugar melt. Now stain coco powder in it and cook 10 min. Then add this paste into ice-cream maker for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes put it into freeze. Now your delicious Chocolate ice-cream is ready for eat.

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THANK YOU To take the taste of it, follow the recipe and make it. To know more about other recipes visit here-

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