How To Enhance Skills For Reading Comprehension-The SQ3R Method

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How To Enhance Skills For Reading Comprehension


SQ3R is a Reading Comprehension Method. Introduced by Francis Pleasant Robinson in his book – Effective Study in 1946. A method developed for school and college students for enhancing their reading skills. A method similar to the PQRST and KWL Table SQ3R


Survey/Skim Question Read Recite/Rewrite/Recall Review SQ3R Stands For :


Survey/Skim is a point that refers to the fact of briefly observing the whole content before beginning the in-depth reading of the book. A quick view of the topics, headings and sub-headings and such information in the text is the main aspect of survey. It simply means briefly skimming through the whole content and context that is present in the book. Survey/Skim


questions When you are done skimming and surveying the topics, the next step is to create and formulate questions of various types. Questions can vary from the normal type of queries that may consist of a variety where it may be a normal question about the topic/heading or sub heading, or any such featured content that caught your attention while skimming through the book.


Now you can begin the reading part and go down in-depth. Again, following the previous two steps here helps understand the various topics, subtopics, headings etc. in a healthy manner. You can formulate more questions while going through the topics, as there might come various issues that would clear out at other topics and heading. This “Read” part is also meant to concentrate on the previous questions that were formulated on the ‘Q’ part of the SQ3R. read


Referred as Recite/ wRite /Recall This is an important phase where one can recall every small and major aspect/point while reading comprehensive passage. This is meant to cover all the questions that are formed in the ‘Q’ part of the SQ3R method. It can be done orally or in written form as well. Recite


Review Review is most important among all the parts. This section is used mainly to clear out the various questions that one notes down while reading the whole passage in depth. It refines the whole central idea that you might assume while reading the comprehension. This also provides a better learning curve for the reader and helps them understand and learn it better. Memorizing the comprehension becomes easier.


This is quite effective method for enhancing the reading and learning phase of students, may that be a college or normal school student. Useful method for those who appear in competitive exams, practicing the technique enhances and reduces the time consumption for each Reading Comprehensions and such part for the exams.


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