Protect Your Ears From The Effects Of Noise

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Protect Your Ears From The Effects Of Noise Most people do not often think about issues such as blindness or hearing loss until they are directly confronted with it whether because they are experiencing problems or because they know someone that may be suffering from it. Hunters shooters all people that handle guns and rifles such as the armed forces instructors and those that work – or enjoy leisure times - in an environment where they are exposed to gun and rifle fire regularly are at risk of losing their hearing or a great deal of it if they do not take the necessary precautions. In the past many have made sure they were prepared by wearing disposable ear plugs or muffs that cover the ears in order to reduce the fierceness of the loud sounds that accompany firing a rifle or gun. The human ear was never designed to deal on an ongoing basis with loud noise and therefore hunters and shooters are always at risk of either reducing their ability to enjoy good hearing or lose it altogether. Over time more and more evidence has been gathered to support the idea that high noise levels may damage one’s ability to enjoy good hearing. For example many will agree that noise greater than 130 140 or 150 dB and above the unit that measures sound levels may permanently damage a person’s hearing especially if this happens fairly regularly however even limited exposure to this level may lead to serious hearing impairment for the individual. Normal levels should constantly be recorded at around dB levels that people perceive to be normal for their day-to-day circumstances. Some examples are shown: quiet country surrounds are 20dB normal conversation at around 60dB traffic at 80dB loud music at 120 and a jet engine at around 140dB. Gunshots equal dB of around 120 or 130 the same as nearby thunder. This gives an indication of the dangers of being exposed to loud noises regularly as it is agreed that Db from 140 and up may indeed cause permanent hearing loss which is the area around which gun and rifle fire are indicated.

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Therefore individuals need to take care to protect themselves with the help of previously mentioned ear plugs and muffs. However with new methodology and more recent research there are now products available that may indeed be better and more preferable to the older types of protection. Certain companies now design and manufacture advanced digital aids to offer hearing protection. These hearing protection devices are made to eliminate harsh sounds such as gun fire while at the same time not interfering with normal pleasant sounds such as those at low dB for example sounds in nature or normal conversation while the hunter and his mates are out there: their hearing is protected from gun sounds but they can carry on normal conversation. They simply do not hear the noise made by the firearm. The devices are made by specialists that use advanced methods to come up with these aids. As these products are gaining in popularity there is a growing market available to be reached for the companies that produce these. An outstanding feature of these products is the fact that every device or pair for a customer is custom made to the dimensions and shape of the customer’s ears. Molds are made of the customer’s ears and then the manufacturer proceeds to prepare the device according to the exact size and contours of the customer’s inner ear. These products are carefully put together to offer maximum protection against noise but to at the same time allow pleasant sound through. As more and more people are starting to become aware of the danger of hearing loss when overexposed to high dB products such as these are gaining ground and marketers are receiving more and more interest for their products. About Us: Electronic Shooters Protection ESP has been in business for more than 20 years and provides the best in terms of electronic protection for ears. Products are custom made to fit the individual’s ears so as to allow maximum protection while still hearing sound. You hear all natural sounds in the area and you can actually enjoy normal conversation but our products will protect you from the harmful effects of loud and damaging sounds such as gunfire. Our digital products are state of the art and among the best available on the market. For more information about ESP and our top range of products please get in touch by visiting /

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