100 Days: Season 5, Episode 1

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ANASTASIA (V.O.): So I got a call from the college kid from the other day. You know, the one that I wet my pants in front of, in public? ANASTASIA (V.O.): As it turns out, that works for him.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): I mean, it really works for him. Really really works for him. ANASTASIA (V.O.): So I figured, what the system crash? I said yes to Chris.


MELANIE (V.O.): I’m making Grandma’s Comfort Soup. That wasn’t even physically possible to make until recently, so it’s got to be a new meal. MELANIE (V.O.): But I didn’t get a memory of making it, so I guess it doesn’t count? That doesn’t seem fair, but I guess rules are rules. ANASTASIA (V.O.): I had… a word with the judges. Maybe several words. They agreed it was a new meal and that we should get the point.


Hello! Welcome back, at long last, to 100 Days of Awesome . There has been writer’s strike after writer’s strike, and I’ve forgotten what season we’re on. Five? Is it five? Let’s say it is. So without further ado, here’s Season 5, Episode 1 of 100 Days of Awesome !


MELANIE (V.O.): I am so excited ! Dad said I could do this challenge too! Ten dates with ten different people! This is going to be fun ! PONG (V.O.): Only because she’s the only one in the house that isn’t married. And you do NOT show her face, capice ?


MELANIE (V.O.): So my first date was with Rosemarie from school, because she was here already. And we have matching outfits, which is cool. And I think she has a little bit of a crush on me already. And she’s nice and all, but I don’t really think I like girls. Boys are better. ( quickly ) To date, I mean. For me.


PONG: No. Just no. Get out! MELANIE (V.O.): I don’t know why Dad didn’t like Stephen. I though he was pretty cool. Well, at first. STEPHEN BENSON: Whatever, man. Get that camera outta my face! Don’t put me on TV! I got warrants! MELANIE (V.O.): Warrants are not cool.


MELANIE (V.O.): This date is with Ivan Shankel , who I’m pretty sure is some kind of relative? IVAN (V.O.): Third cousin on one side and third cousin once removed on the other side. MELANIE (V.O.): So not close enough to rule out , exactly, but we just had no chemistry. IVAN (V.O.): Negative bolts. But she’s still cool as a friend.


MELANIE (V.O.): The other Steven was great, though. One bolt! STEVEN MCAULEY: I gotta say, for a blind date, you are looking good ! MELANIE (V.O.): Squeeeeeeee ! My first bolt!


MELANIE (V.O.) ( puzzled ): What did I think of who ? GORDON NOTT: – and that’s what makes it the best thing ever! MELANIE ( stifling a yawn ): Sorry, what? I wasn’t listening.


MELANIE (V.O.): Who, Pong? No, I didn’t like him at all. I mean, it’s a little weird that he has the same name as my dad, but he was just plain weird. I mean, he seemed like the kind of guy who would follow you to the bathroom and just stare at you while you pee!


MELANIE (V.O.): I think my favorite date was with Juan Harris, though. Two bolts! MELANIE (V.O.) ( dejectedly ): But I didn’t earn us the point. I only managed seven dates. I guess I shouldn’t have actually talked to any of them. Earning points is super hard ! ( sigh ) I don’t know how Mom did on the community lot thing. I bet it was hard.


REBECCA (V.O.): It was cheat at chess. Easy. REBECCA: Look! It’s a random group of strangers watching our every move and making up stories about us! CATHERYNNE: What ?! REBECCA: Hee hee hee ! ( moves pieces )


CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): Yeah, I’m fitting in pretty well, I think. I mean, it’s kind of awkward actually, being younger than one of my stepdaughters, but I think I’m getting along okay with everyone. I can’t say that I was happy with my transition outfit, though. I mean, it’s all “mature stepdad” and all, but it’s just kind of too old , you know? I’m mean, I’m only 23.


CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): So I went and bough some better clothes. I mean, it was a free point for a going to a community lot, so why not? I bought my wife a little something while I was there, too. ( pause ) Doesn’t that sound great? I mean, “my wife”! I sound like a grown-up! ( laughs )


PONG: Augh, my eyes ! I need eye bleach! Forget that, I need brain bleach! ANASTASIA: Ah, shaddup . You just wish my sister looked this good. ( shakes rear end ) I do a lot for an outfit like this, don’t I? PONG: ( chokes, gasps, and runs away )


PONG: I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t even want to think about it. PONG: Don’t you have a teenage girl to exploit or something?


MELANIE: I got an A+! An A+! I earned us a point! And I got on TV again! Woot woot !


GEORGIANA: I’m so excited! I get to come back home and I have a dad now! A real dad!


GEORGIANA: It feels great to be graduated from college! Don’t you think? CHRISTOPHER: Yeah, graduating’s cool. GEORGIANA: And not only did you graduate, but now you’re a stepdad! I think you’re a great stepdad so far. CHRISTOPHER: Well, thank you! GEORGIANA: Hopefully you’ll be a grandad soon! I bet you’ll be great at that too!


CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): What does she mean, “grandad”? I mean, a stepdad’s one thing. But a grandad? CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): I mean, grandad ?


CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): So, yeah, it was great when the community lot task turned out to be “Eat 20 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.” I mean, I like grilled cheese. ANASTASIA (V.O.): It’s one of the things we bonded over. CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): She ticks every turn-on box I’ve got. I mean, grilled cheese and gray hair and golden sh – ( cuts off, muffled, as if a hand has just clamped over his mouth ) ANASTASIA (V.O.): Let’s just say I’m awesome and leave it at that, yes?


CHRISTOPHER (V.O.): So anyway, it was really great to get away from that, We figured ten sandwiches each makes twenty. I mean, one person eating twenty, that’s not really practical, but sharing the load is better and faster and healthier. I got my ten out of the way just in time.


ANASTASIA (V.O.) ( angrily ): They made us leave too early! I was at nine and a half sandwiches! I totally could have finished that last half sandwich!


CHRISTOPHER: The only huff problem with all huff that cheese is that huff it goes straight to huff your middle. I huff mean, the wedding’s huff today. Gotta look huff puff good.


ANASTASIA (V.O): No, I didn’t cry during the wedding. ANASTASIA (V.O): No, I’m not crying now, either. You’re crying. ANASTASIA (V.O): Oh, shut up.


GEORGIANA (V.O.): I thought that I’d be the one to get the memory of marrying a rich sim. I mean, Paul’s family is loaded. PAUL (V.O.): Well, my adopted family is. I’m not. And my birth family isn’t.* Maybe that’s why? GEORGIANA (V.O.): Or is it because they’re loaded, but we’re more loaded? PAUL (V.O.) ( with interest ): Are you really? Anyway, we got the memory, and that’s what counts. *See The Undergraduates , Already in Progress #55-64 , and The Jack Point Home for Pedestrian Playables , all available on my Dreamwidth .


PAUL: It’s exiting to be able to contribute, definitely. I’m looking foreward to really being part of the family. And the show, too, of course. PAUL: This is going to be awesome .


Note from esmeiolanthe : I am not sure if I should count the points for the community lot task Eat 20 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I sent Chris and Anastasia home at 1:30 am, with 19.5 sandwiches eaten, because I thought that was the 24 hour mark. However, they got home at 3:30 am, which means that they must have left home sometime between 3 am and 3:30 am. That means that they really had at least another hour on the community lot, and I am 100% positive that Anastasia could have eaten that remaining half-a-sandwich in an hour. So my question to you is: Is it fair to count the point for that task? If you say that it is, I’ll add it in next round. Let me know!


Score Objectives accomplished on a home lot: 2 Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 2 Total points: 4 Total points from last time: 40 Added point from last time: 1 GRAND TOTAL: 45 Days played: 45 out of 100

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