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Welcome back to Already in Progress Have a good look at the cover picture. Do you notice anything about it That’s right Mifune is primping – something no other Sim in the history of this story has ever done The “Primp” option broke when I installed Pets and the so-called “patch” and subsequent EPs failed to fix the problem. During this rotation I finally overcame my phobia of hacks enough to download the entire Director’s Cut from MATY I currently have installed only 42 of the 168 files. Of those most were invisible fixes: antiredundancy for example which stops the endless generation of NPCs. You should see almost no difference – with the exception of primping.

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To start off with let’s see if I was right about the number and gender of Celeste’s progeny.

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Nope. This is Frederic Kalson Miller. EDGAR wonderingly: Is he really mine CELESTE: Of course he’s yours. Who else’s would he be EDGAR awestruck: I can’t believe I had anything to do with making someone this perfect. Just look at him Frederic yawns and spits up all over Edgar’s shoulder EDGAR almost in tears: He’s just perfect

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Frederic is a very good baby. He’s quite happy and only cries when he has a dirty diaper. Fortunately Mommy and Daddy are quick to take care of that.

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And when Mommy and Daddy have to work Frederic has a very nice and competent Nanny who comes to take care of him. Or at least he did.

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You see when Frederic was due to Grow Up his mother took him over to the cake helped him blow out the candles… and then set him on the floor and went to read a book. After that neither of Frederic’s parents would interact with him at all. They went about their business as if he didn’t exist while poor Frederic lay there completely unmoving and un-interact-with- able. Naturally I quit without saving and when I re-entered the lot and played the day through again Frederic Grew Up without a problem. But he did end up with a different – and pretty well worthless – nanny.

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And that would be the point when I downloaded the Director’s Cut and installed the hacks currently in game. I don’t know what the problem was and I don’t know that any of the hacks would necessarily have prevented the problem. I just know that it triggered thoughts of having to rebuild yet again and the pain of the last rebuild has not faded enough for me to be able to face the possibility with equanimity. Isn’t that explanation a clever way to hide that I’m showing you picspam of Eddie being an adorabubble father

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Don’t get me wrong – Celeste is a fantastic parent too. She’s caring attentive and always ready to help her son learn important new things. She enjoys taking care of and playing with her son and will cheerfully and autonomously do so. She’s just not adorabubble.

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And speaking of Celeste let’s check in with Oakapple and Oliver’s house where my diabolical plan seems to be working. See all those bugs And what do you do to get rid of all those bugs

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That’s exactly right. Personally having been raised in a household that practiced purely organic gardening I don’t like the emphasis the game places on pesticides.

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But I have to admit there are certain advantages to it.

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OLIVER: Ye gods What happened to you OAKAPPLE: Once we sell… this crop we’re… buying ladybug houses. OLIVER: Are you okay Did you finish spraying OAKAPPLE: Didn’t… finish. I’m… thirsty. Move. OLIVER: Okay. I’ll finish in the garden then.

slide 13:

Bad idea.

slide 14:

OAKAPPLE: We’re calling the… garden club in… the morning right OLIVER: Right. OAKAPPLE: Good. This is… really weird. Plus… my head… itches. Or not… exactly itches but… OLIVER: Then scratch. Don’t just talk about it.

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OAKAPPLE: Yeah “itches” wasn’t… the right word. This is Saigon Shankel. She’s named after Miss Saigon which I have never seen. Both Oakpple and Oliver have the same names as people in shows with singing and dancing so why not the kids

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Yes I said “kids.” Oliver figured out the plantbaby thing right away. As a Knowledge Sim he got aspiration points for it too. This is Fantine as in the woman who sells her teeth her hair and eventually herself in Les Miserables.

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OAKAPPLE: Oh… crap. OLIVER: What OAKAPPLE: We have… children. OLIVER: So OAKAPPLE: And we’re not… married. Adam will… never speak… to me again. OLIVER: Oh come on. I bet we’re not the first people to anticipate the wedding. Anyway we’ll call the garden club tomorrow morning and we can do something informal in the afternoon to make it all okay. Oakapple’s brother who has embraced Victorianism.

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Which is exactly what they did. Nobody paid much attention to the actual exchange of vows but nobody said anything nasty either and the party was a Roof-Raiser. Sally even offered to babysit as needed. Oakapple Shankel is now Oakapple Couderc.

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Over at the Sanders-Miller household it’s a time of transition. MIFUNE: Here honey. I think you’re ready for this. LOUISE: What is it MIFUNE: It’s the deed to QND. I’m ready to retire and I think I’m leaving the family business in good hands. LOUISE: Gee thanks Dad Um… did you have to hand over the deed in the bathroom though MIFUNE: Of course It is written: “ImportantLifeEventGOTO_bathroom true.”

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Louise has made lots of changes with the help of the nolamehires hack from JMPescado’s Director’s Cut. Basically for an entire generation the only Sims available to hire for QND were playables who already had jobs. nolamehires removes playables from the job pool. Now in addition to the one pre-existing Teen employee on the cash register we have a townie sales clerk in blue and a college student restocking the racks. I never knew that you could hire dormies. I hope this doesn’t blow up my game…

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Louise also hired a townie stylist. I could have hired a Teen to fill that position some time back but I prefer having adults in that job. Of course neither option had any badges so the customers will come out looking like clowns either way… Not to mention that all those salaries keep the store hemhorraghing money and that really nobody but Mifune actually likes the GilsCarbo line.

slide 22:

It’s enough to drive anyone to drink

slide 23:

Tirtha Grew Up Well into an outfit that didn’t really suit her. At least it matches…

slide 24:

Abhijeet being younger than Tirtha didn’t age up. Her age transition didn’t change the number of Wants he rolls for her either. I thoroughly approve of that aspect of The Sims: not caring about the age of one’s spouse. Abhijeet is a good father to Ariadene too even if she does like to try to pull his wig off.

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I think Ariadene looks a lot like her father. That’s definitely his mouth and I think the chin is his as well. On the other hand I think she’s got her mother’s nose and the cheeks are a blend. I think. But no matter which parts came from whom she’s cute as a button ABHIJEET: Do you know I find that a very baffling phrase. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a button whose attractiveness I have felt compelled to judge. But I agree that my daughter is a cutie-patootie. And as long as I’ve got your attention could I ask you something Sure. What’s up

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ABHIJEET V.O.: It’s Trixie. She’s been taking Elixir. But that’s illegal. ABHIJEET V.O.: I know. That’s why I’m concerned. I know she doesn’t listen to you but I thought that perhaps you could give me some background before I did anything. I’d prefer that my little girl grow up in a safe environment. I can understand that. What do you want to know hastily I’m not saying I’ll necessarily answer mind but you can ask.

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ABHIJEET V.O.: I’m pretty sure the Elixir’s coming from this Leonid Andrews that she’s giving language lessons to. He’s Russian right Eh well… See I don’t actually know any Russians and his last name isn’t Russian but some of his speech patterns… ABHIJEET V.O.: Russian. Okay. And do you know what he does for a living He’s a Criminal Mastermind I think. ABHIJEET V.O. to himself: Russian Mafia I knew it Whoa hey now Let’s not jump to conclusions A first name and some syntax do not a gangster make

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Leonid’s sort of a goof. And he and Trixie get along very well. They have two bolts which is nothing to be sneezed at.

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ABHIJEET V.O.: Believe me I know exactly how well they get along. But I don’t approve of him supplying her with Elixir. Where is he getting the stuff Why is he giving it to her That stuff turns people into addicts you know. Oh no it doesn’t necessarily – ABHIJEET V.O.: “She can quit any time she likes” Uh-huh. Listen: I very strongly disapprove of this and I’m going to have a quiet word with Mr. Andrews about it. I wish you wouldn’t… ABHIJEET V.O.: Why If he’s not a gangster there’s no danger. suspiciously Or is there firmly I’m going to change the subject now.

slide 30:

Samantha had a tough pregnancy: too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep meaning that unfortunately this was not an uncommon sight.

slide 31:

It was all worth it though for a result like this little angel who shares her mother’s coloring. Meet Cathrynne Miller everyone. Cathrynne shares the spelling of her name with author Cathrynne M. Valente. I’ve only read one of Ms. Valente’s books years ago but I have The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making on hold and am quite looking forward to it.

slide 32:

Everybody likes Cathrynne. Daddy stayed home from work to watch her birth. DANTE: Hiiiiii sweetie Hi my precious little girl Oh you look just like Mommy don’t you Yes you do You do to Samantha Can I hold her now

slide 33:

Granda actually stopped cleaning to come see the new arrival. HARKON: Hey Don. You don’t mind if I give my new grandbaby a cuddle do you DANTE: Well I was enjoying holding her myself… HARKON: Oh that’s okay. You keep right on holding her. sighs theatrically Never mind that I’m an old man with not much time left on my life bar or that I never got to hold my own daughters when they were babies… DANTE: Oh I’m sorry Harkon Here why don’t you give her a cuddle

slide 34:

HARKON: Heh that boy is too nice for his own good. I’ve got plenty of room left on my life bar. And I was the one who chose to adopt Children instead of Babies. But if it works it works right sweetie-pie CATHRYNNE: chortles

slide 35:

Yup Cathrynne is a real hot property. AMY: Let me hold her Da. HARKON: Oh I don’t know. AMY: Let me hold her Da. Come on. HARKON: You won’t drop her AMY: Da HARKON: Okay okay. Here you go. AMY: She’s so little

slide 36:

Amy is particularly taken with her niece. AMY: Yup you are just about perfect. You know I don’t think I’m going to go to school tomorrow. I’m just going to stay home and hold you all day. I’ll feed you and burp you and play with you and sing you to sleep. Hey when you go to sleep I’ll sit there and hold you. I’ll sit real still so you don’t wake up. I’ll… as Cathrynne pushes the bottle away Oh are you done Okay. I’ll burp you now.

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AMY: Because there is nothing I won’t do for you you perfect little sweetheart you. A truly impressive stench arises from Cathrynne’s lower half AMY: …Except that. sweetly Oh Don Your daughter needs you. And speaking of people who need diapers…

slide 38:

Over at the Buttercup Shankel household Jo and Cecil Grew Up in perfect unison. I wish I’d filmed it – I’ve never seen two kids sync up that well before.

slide 39:

Like most of the siblings in my game Jo and Cecil grew up with poor relationships to each other. So I set about rectifying that via the ancient and mystic rite known as a Water Balloon Fight.

slide 40:

Followed by Mary Mack. JO and CECIL: He jumped so high high high He reached the sky sky sky And he didn’t come back back back Til the Fourth of July ly ly …Although where I grew up that was a jump rope rhyme not a handclap rhyme. Handclaps were “Down down baby” or “Candy store.” My inner eight-year-old is very contemptuous of EAxis for not knowing something as simple as that.

slide 41:

Of course Jo and Cecil are still siblings. JO: Mommy Mommy Watch me Watch this CECIL: Thpppppbt You stink JO: You stink more And children.

slide 42:

Although for Buttercup “child” is just another word for “cheap labor force.” Child labor isn’t exactly legal but if you look really really closely at the picture you’ll see that that’s not the only less- than-legal thing going on. Albert isn’t wearing a hairnet. You should always wear a hairnet when preparing food. And gloves.

slide 43:

Over at the Littledragon-Tsvirkunov household there is a definite reservoir of Awesome. Sarah Jane is an awesome grandmother: not only does she make Smart Milk upon request but she taught her granddaughters to walk.

slide 44:

Tim is an equally awesome grandfather always taking the time to read to whichever girl is in the mood for a story. TIM: …And so when Magriette wrote “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” it was not so much a surrealist statement as it was a simple statement of fact: a painting of a pipe is not in fact a pipe. As Michel Foucalt points out… ABBEY: Shoo flee Tim I can’t get to the stove Admittedly Tim’s choice of both reading material and location are somewhat unorthodox but Rebecca doesn’t seem to mind.

slide 45:

The girls are equally awesome. I don’t have photographic proof of any of it but just to give you a taste… I did not direct Anastasia to do this. And while there is nothing special about a kid deciding to play with one of the toys in the same room Anastasia did not start out in this room. She was in the living room being Tickled by her mother. I left them alone for a moment and when I came back Abbey set Anastasia down right in front of the xylophone where Anastasia proceeded to gain a Creativity skill point – and the aspiration points for it. Rebecca has performed similar feats of redirecting her parents to do her bidding instead of mine. I’m very glad they were twins: that much pure concentrated Awesome in one Sim could only spell Fiery Doom for the ’hood.

slide 46:

Unfortunately the Awesomeness Quotient in the household has been reduced by one. GRIM REAPER: .rs. .itt..dra… SARAH JANE: Don’t mind if I do

slide 47:

Sarah Jane Littledragon 71 years old. Sarah Jane was the daughter of one of my favorite couples and was pretty awesome at every stage of life. I had not planned for her to be interested in her childhood friend – I expected Timmy’s feelings to be unrequited. Sarah Jane put a stop to that idea pretty much the second Tim became a Teen and she made darn sure to re-stake her claim within three hours of arriving at college. Sarah Jane produced a son who was just as awesome as she was and spent most of her time being sure that I forgot that she and Tim had zero bolts for each other. She was one of my favorite Sims and she will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Sarah Jane.

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Hi Sally How’s it going SALLY coughs: Not so good. No SALLY: No. sorrowfully This was supposed to be mac and cheese. Now it’s charcoal. I’m sorry. SALLY: Oh it’s not your fault. Hey did you hear the news

slide 49:

What news is that SALLY V.O.: Oliver and Oakapple got married And they have two daughters now I had heard rumors to that effect. Is that your niece SALLY V.O.: Saigon and Fantine are both my nieces but Fantine’s the only one that’s blood to me. I don’t remember which one I’m holding there. You can’t tell them apart SALLY V.O.: Nobody can. Oakapple’s talking about color- coding them. Is he SALLY V.O.: Well actually he was talking about tattooing them but Oliver said that would cost too much.

slide 50:

SALLY V.O.: Oh and Mom’s permaplat That’s great SALLY V.O.: Yeah she’s The Law now. And kinda insufferable about it actually. How do you mean

slide 51:

LUCY: Sally The Law says you can’t root around in trash cans. SALLY: But there’s good stuff in there. And it’s our own trash. And anyhow once it’s put out at the curb it’s legally public property. LUCY: …We’re not trash-pickers Sally. Stop it. SALLY V.O.: Like I said insufferable.

slide 52:

SALLY V.O.: Oh And I maxed Creativity Congratulations How does that feel SALLY V.O.: Pretty darn good actually. I got a college scholarship for it and everything. That’s great

slide 53:

SALLY V.O.: Yeah Amy and I already have plans about what we’re going to do with it. Who’s Amy And aren’t scholarships for oh tuition and books and stuff like that SALLY V.O.: Amy Littledragon my friend from school. We’re going to college together. The university provides the books and since I’m going to a state school tuition is free. Wasn’t that how it worked for you Unfortunately not.

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SALLY: Gee that’s too bad. But you’ll come see me at college Wait – you’re leaving already SALLY: Uh-huh. I said I was going with Amy. She’s two years older than me. Why are you going with Amy Is there something I should know SALLY: No. She’s my friend. And if I go now then you have to play two years fewer of college. That’s a good thing right Um… SALLY satisfied: I thought so too. So you’ll come visit me at college Sure. SALLY: Okay then. See you soon waves as the taxi pulls away

slide 55:

And I will leave you with one more picture of Edgar the Adorable being an adorable father. D’aaaaaaaw… Until next time Happy Simming The Grim Reaper said “Drink Mrs. Littledragon”

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