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Welcome back to Already in Progress I hope you’re recovered from the birthday party – it was pretty epic wasn’t it I apologize for the spoileryness of the cover shot – it was such a great picture I just couldn’t resist. I hope you will forgive me some day. And now let’s rejoin our story: Already in Progress…

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Stopping in at Sarah Jane’s we can see that Abbey has been busy helping out in the garden.

slide 3:

Sarah Jane has been busy making friends with the newly Toddlerfied twins. I’m pretty sure this is Rebecca.

slide 4:

Tim has just been busy in general. And speaking of making friends…

slide 5:

This is what PermaPlat looks like. LTW of 20 Simultaneous Best Friends No problem By my count Sarah Jane only had 17 Best Friends not 20. But shhhhhh – don’t tell my game that

slide 6:

And there are advantages to having a PermaPlat grandmother as Rebecca can attest to. This is definitely Rebecca – the twins are color-coded now but they weren’t when I took the previous picture. Rebecca’s color is pink.

slide 7:

Anastasia’s color is either blue or purple depending on what options are available. At certain angles Anastasia does have an extremely impressive chin. Rather like Jay Leno really. I couldn’t even begin to guess where that came from. At other angles the girls look very alike. I hope they differentiate more when they get older. And don’t tell me I shouldn’t dress them alike. That’s entirely their mother and grandmother. Not me. guiltily Why would you think I picked out their clothes

slide 8:

At the Littledragon-Miller household Harkon has started volunteering at a community center in the afternoons. He helps kids with their homework mostly and helps set up and break down special events. It’s nice to get out of the house sometimes and his daughters have proved themselves deficient on the “grandbabies” front.

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Well actually Amy’s not deficient. She’s not supposed to be having any babies yet and sure enough she isn’t. She has started exploring Grandma’s old flower arranging bench – when she’s not playing with one or another of the kitties.

slide 10:

Speaking of whom they’ve grown up. Latifah is the one with green eyes and a tail while Mr. Fuzzypants has blue eyes and no tail. Oh yeah and Nirel Grew Up Well too. He actually managed a decent outfit and I’m going to let him keep it.

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Dante has discovered the joys of the piano. grumbles I hate these things so much. I should really stop putting them in houses. All day long somebody or other is doing “Perform… Jazz” or “Perform… Rock.” And I am so sick of the music that goes with those two options

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Samantha eats. Enthusiastically.

slide 13:

Also frequently. And with enough concentration as to be a poor conversational partner. DANTE: So Sam… Have you given any thought to maybe having a baby SAMANTHA: Hnnnnh. DANTE: I mean I’d like to be a father. And you said earlier that you’d like to be a mother. We could have one of our own maybe and adopt a second if you’d like. SAMANTHA: Mmmmm. DANTE quickly: Or if you’d prefer to just adopt that’s okay too. I wouldn’t love an adopted child any less. But I think we should at least think about it okay I’d love to have a new family member. Samantha stands up

slide 14:

DANTE: Um honey When I said I’d love to have a new family member I didn’t necessarily mean right this second.

slide 15:

As you can see Buttercup and Albert have done some remodeling. The second bedroom there was formerly patio and the whole kitchen had to be rearranged to allow access to what little patio is left. I think they actually ended up with more counter space.

slide 16:

And there’s even room for the tools of Buttercup’s trade Eventually they will get nicer furniture. Just at the moment though there’s no money left after the remodel. Plus with Fortune Sims it’s always better to wait until they roll the Want for something.

slide 17:

Cecil and Josephine finally became Toddlers. Even with clean diapers and lots of cuddles they refused to transition until well after 10 pm. I was just about ready to quit-without-saving and apply birthday cake.

slide 18:

The wait was worth it though. Go on tell me they aren’t adorable

slide 19:

Albert certainly thinks so. ALBERT: You know what would make good economic sense honey A third deduction. BUTTERCUP: Ooookay I think you’ve officially lost it. ALBERT: No really. Jo and Cecil are perfect. A third baby would be even more perfect. BUTTERCUP: So you’re going to start stargazing ALBERT: Don’t be ridiculous. BUTTERCUP: Well I hope you don’t think that I’m going to help with a third “deduction.” The two we’ve got are already cutting into my profit margin plus I’m giving up perfectly good growing time to change diapers and fetch bottles. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t swap them for anything. But two is plenty.

slide 20:

CECIL: DAAAAA-DEEEEEEE JO: WAAAAAAA Wannooooooooow ALBERT: I think the kids are awake. BUTTERCUP: Great. yawns Have fun. snuggles into the pillow ALBERT pokes Buttercup: I put them to bed. Your turn. BUTTERCUP: You want another “deduction” you take care of the ones we’ve got already. Oddly enough Albert’s Want for another baby didn’t come back after that.

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TRIXIE: Don’t be ridiculous. You’re too old for that. TIRTHA: If I’m old what does that make you And anyway what about – TRIXIE: It makes me younger than you that’s what. reasonably Look nobody who’s going through The Change wants to admit she’s going through The Change but there’s really no shame in it. It happens to all of us. TIRTHA: I am not going through The Change stomps off TRIXIE calls after her: Bet you twenty bucks you are

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TIRTHA sweetly: Oh Trixie You know that thing that couldn’t possibly happen You owe me twenty bucks.

slide 23:

ABHIJEET: Wow. You heard ABHIJEET: Yeah. That’s some news. So what are you going to do ABHIJEET: The honorable thing of course. dubiously We’re not talking about hara-kiri are we ABHIJEET: Don’t be ridiculous. We’re talking about dinner reservations.

slide 24:

TIRTHA: You don’t have to do this. I can take care of the baby on my own. I just thought you had a right to know. ABHIJEET: It’s not just a matter of obligation. I would enjoy being married to you. And a child needs both parents. TIRTHA: I know I’m not really in a position to make requests but… would you get a different wig Please ABHIJEET: I’ll get a new wig if you’ll take my name instead of me taking yours. TIRTHA: Deal.

slide 25:

Tirtha Couderc is now Tirtha Phillips.

slide 26:

And this little charmer is Ariadene Phillips. Before you tell me that isn’t the correct way to spell “Ariadne” I just want to point out that it appears to be a perfectly valid Portuguese name. Also spell check doesn’t like either version. Of course I actually was trying to spell the name of the mythological Cretan princess and subsequent goddess and got it dead wrong. But there it is.

slide 27:

Not a whole lot happened at the Mifune Sanders residence. Certainly there were no surprise babies.

slide 28:

Louise and Charlie did decide that the middle of winter was the perfect time for a water balloon fight. Fortunately nobody got hypothermia.

slide 29:

And the family has hired a maid although Charlie seems to be a little unclear on the concept. DON PLATZ THE MAID: Ma’am I’ll do that. CHARLOTTE: No no no. I have to clean up first. DON PLATZ THE MAID: No ma’am really – it’s my job. CHARLOTTE: I don’t want you to think we’re slobs. Moving along…

slide 30:

Hi Sally. Having fun SALLY: Yup. I like making snow angels. Best thing to do after school. Five or six of these and I’m ready to tackle my homework. You’ve gotten taller.

slide 31:

SALLY: Yeah I had a birthday. We had a party just family. Well just family and Oakapple came over with Oliver. But – Did you get any good presents SALLY: Uh-huh. Oliver gave me a new book by Connie Willis. Uncle Cillian gave me a gift card – one of those ones that works like a Visa Auntie Anne gave me a one-year membership to the cookie of the month club. Mom gave me an all-day inclusive spa package. Nice SALLY: Well I think she thinks I don’t take good enough care of my skin or pay enough attention to my image.

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SALLY V.O.: But the best present was that Daddy gave me a kitten. He said Tom was the runt of the litter and that he needed special care. I had to feed him by hand and everything. reminiscently He was the cutest kitten ever. sympathetically Oh I’m so sorry. SALLY V.O. puzzled: For what Well you used the past tense…

slide 33:

SALLYV.O.: Yeah Tom’s a full-grown cat now. He’s still cute. But – whispers He’s kind of dumb. It took him until he was full grown to figure out what the food bowl was for. in a normal voice He’s a real sweetheart though. Everyone loves him. excited Oh and speaking of love – How’s Rudy

slide 34:

SALLY V.O.: He’s fine. I get to talk to him sometimes when Mom’s at work. impatiently But listen talking about love – Do you have a boyfriend SALLY V.O.: No no just listen… excitedly I think I got everything sorted out between Oliver and Oakapple

slide 35:

SALLY: So Oakapple – what kind of relationship do you have with my brother OAKAPPLE: We’re… friends. What kind… of a question… is that SALLY: Yes friends okay but what kind of friends Are there benefits involved OAKAPPLE: Do you even… know what you’re… asking about SALLY: Uh-huh. I’m asking about woo – OAKAPPLE: Mind your own… business. SALLY: Well if you’ve got all that and you’re such good friends why don’t you just get married I think Oliver would really like that. OAKAPPLE: He turned… me down once… already. Not that… it’s anything to… do with you.

slide 36:

SALLY: So Oliver – why didn’t you accept Oakapple when he proposed OLIVER: I had my reasons. Who told you about that anyway SALLY: Does it matter I think the two of you would make a great couple. OLIVER: Your opinion has been duly noted. Thank you for your input. SALLY: But aren’t you going to – OLIVER: Thank you for your input and concern. It will be taken into consideration. SALLY: But – OLIVER: The subject is closed Sally.

slide 37:

A little background… Oakapple used to be quite the ladies’ man in college. While it is true that he once proposed to Oliver that was an act of desperation especially since everyone else Okapple proposed to was suddenly spoken for. It was quite sensible and self-respecting of Oliver to turn him down. Following Oakpple’s death and subsequent incomplete resurrection he lost skill points and many of his personality traits changed or flat-out reversed hence his new and somewhat ambiguous relationship with Oliver. He also took up gardening since he had never been any good at it and thus didn’t have to feel bad about being lousy. See “Myrna or Oakapple’s Own” part of Ruth’s unOfficially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. See “Silvered Is The Raven Hair” also part of Ruth’s.

slide 38:

OLIVER: Gardening in the rain is really stupid you know that You could catch pneumonia. OAKAPPLE: So It won’t… kill me. OLIVER: I’m going to light the fire now. Get real close so you dry off. While you do that I’m going to go make dinner. OAKAPPLE hopefully: Grilled… cheese OLIVER: sighs Sure grilled cheese. OAKAPPLE happily: I love… grilled cheese. OLIVER: I know you do. So it looks like Sally’s little talks didn’t help at all. Like all my zombies Oakapple is Grilled Cheese aspiration.

slide 39:

It was a phone call from a random townie that tipped the scales. OLIVER: Who was that OAKAPPLE: Jerry… Ryan. OLIVER: What did he want OAKAPPLE: He asked me… on an outing. OLIVER snidely: Some people really need to get a life of their own. OAKAPPLE: What – are you… jealous OLIVER: So what if I am OAKAPPLE: Well that’s just… stupid. I already… proposed once. I’ll… propose again if… you want. But… you should know… by now that… you’re the second… most important thing… in my life. OLIVER: You know what I do want you to ask again. Go ahead.

slide 40:

OAKAPPLE rolls eyes: Fine. Ollie will… you marry me OLIVER: Yes Yes I will So there – Er if I’m the second most important thing in your life what’s first OAKAPPLE: Grilled… cheese. Duh.

slide 41:

OLIVER contentedly: I can live with that.

slide 42:

Now as I’m sure you remember because you read the recommended special crossover feature Arbitration Oakapple was engaged to Celeste Kalson but refused to marry her. She requested damages from an arbitrator who turned out to be none other than our very own Edgar Miller. Eddie was instantly smitten with the “heavenly” party of the second part and solved the dispute by marrying her himself. Celeste was happy because Eddie is actually quite rich. But marrying someone you’ve known for roughly ten minutes can lead to some initial awkwardness. CELESTE: So… What kind of movies do you like

slide 43:

On the other hand Eddie and Celeste have three bolts and three bolts are three bolts. Three bolts go a long way towards smoothing over the little difficulties.

slide 44:

They go a long way towards contributing to other things too. EDGAR: Can I call you back My wife just got her first bump. puzzled And for some reason her hairdo changed with it. Anyway I’ll talk to you later okay

slide 45:

I have to admit that I’m kind of worried about this pregnancy. From the back Celeste is not very big. If it wasn’t for the clothes and the stance you’d never know she was pregnant. From the front…

slide 46:

From the front it looks like twins. Maybe even triplets. wails And I don’t even have that hack And they’ll all be girls Join me next time when we find out if I am being overly pessimistic. I bet you a quarter I’m not. Until next time Happy Simming

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