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To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge created by princedeej28. The point of the challenge is to romance more than one Sim and earn enough points to make Hugh Hefner jealous. Last time I ran a number of experiments mostly conclusive. The overall lesson was that Vanessa can in fact become jealous and angry and you really don’t want her in that mood. I mean you really don’t want her in that mood.

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BERTIE: Good mown – VANESSA: Don’t you “Good morning” me you pond scum BERTIE: I – VANESSA: Uh-uh. Don’t you dare you cheating piece of guano

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BERTIE: Oh weawwy Thewe hasn’t been a pwoblem fow thiwty yeaws and aww of a sudden I’m guano Aftew aww I’ve done aww I’ve put up with VANESSA: What have you had to put up with BERTIE: What have I had to put up with ticks off on his fingers as he enumerates STI tests evewy week. Snawky wemawks aimed at my husband. Youw bwatent fwaunting of ouw welationship in fwont of someone who is supposed to be youw best fwiend even though you know it huwts him. The – VANESSA: He knew what he was getting into

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BERTIE: Yes. He did. And so did you. I don’t wuv you anymowe. I don’t even know if I still like you. This is the first time Bertie has ever fallen out of love with any of his partners no matter what they may have felt about him or each other.

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Actually that was a bad day all around. Bertie took a stage dive when he shouldn’t have and lost his job.

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And he didn’t even manage to make it to the bathroom.

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The next day started out much better though. BERTIE delighted: What When How wong How many pounds Do they have names When can we see

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VANESSA snidely: What are you so happy about BERTIE: Awbewt had twins Weww Buttewcup did but he hewped. VANESSA: I – He – But – Wow. Twins you say

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BERTIE V.O.: Jo and Ceciw. Jo is six pounds twewve ounces and Ceciw is six pounds fouw oun – VANESSA V.O.: Jo and who BERTIE V.O.: Ceciw. at Vanessa’s incomprehension See- siww. as she still doesn’t understand C-E-C-I-L. Ceciw. VANESSA V.O.: When can we visit BERTIE V.O.: Awbie said we have to get awong if we want to visit as a gwoup. Othewwise you can caww him to schedule a time.

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People will do just about anything for their grandkids. Even drinking strawberry juice. It works as advertised.

slide 11:

Not everybody has a bad relationship. In fact Zenon and Professor Arianna have only gotten more affectionate in their old age.

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Corey and Bertie are better than ever.

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And Beverly Grew Up Well. In the bathroom naturally but Well nonetheless.

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She also got a makeover. The whole skater-girl thing really just doesn’t work when you’re over fifty.

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Gerard Well Gerard’s just as bad as he ever was.

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BEVERLY: Gerard Were you cooking something GERARD: Er no

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BERTIE: Thanks fow coming out. Sowwy fow the inconvenience. FIREFIGHTER OF INDETERMINATE GENDER: Wow that’s a big tip Um could I maybe have your autograph too GERARD: I can’t eat this – it’s all burned.

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VANESSA: So Bertie… That was a bad fire this time. I’m glad you’re not hurt. BERTIE: Me too. And I’m gwad you wewen’t hurt eithew. In spite of evewything. VANESSA: You know I’m not mad at you anymore Bertie. BERTIE: And I’m not mad at you. Maybe we can buiwd on that hey

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Which is why… VANESSA: So Bertie… Are you still feeling bad about losing your job BERTIE: shrugs Meh. VANESSA: It must have been terrible for you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me. I was angry. BERTIE: We both wewe. VANESSA: But I’d like to… make it up to you…

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BERTIE: Um no. I don’t think so. VANESSA: But – But you forgive Corey all the time BERTIE: Cowey’s not Womance. And just because I’m not mad at you anymowe doesn’t mean I wike you enough to get all intimate again. VANESSA: But we have grandchildren together BERTIE: So Oooh burn What does this mean for Bertie and Vanessa’s relationship Your guess is as good as mine actually since I don’t plan this stuff out. Until next time Happy Simming

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Score for this round Assorted romantic interactions x 3: TOTAL: 15 Score as of last round: 500 GRAND TOTAL: 515 Relationship standings Daily/Lifetime Bertie Corey: 98/98. Best friends. Married. Bertie Vanessa: 100/52. Friends. Corey Bertie: 98/98. Best friends. Married. Corey Vanessa: 94/94 Vanessa Bertie: 100/44 Vanessa Corey: 38/43

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