Bertie Birthday Special

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Hello there In honor of Bertie’s one-year anniversary I am pleased to present my thoughts on the Polyamory Project Challenge which credit where credit is due was created by princedeej28. If you have read my other stories this anniversary special will seem quite dull and unimaginatively titled by comparison. Mostly this is because I didn’t expect to reach one whole year with this story but it’s also because I attended Bertie’s anniversary party. Enjoy the special feature – but quietly please – and don’t forget to turn the lights off when you leave. I have to go take about twelve aspirin and have a nice lie down with a cold compress over my eyes now.

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1. Cars make it too easy.

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2. The Furious meter is really annoying.

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3. Strawberry juice still feels like cheating no matter how well I can argue a case for it.

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4. Some Sims won’t catch fire no matter how long you leave them in the hot tub.

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5. Community lot dates feel like cheating too.

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6. Work schedules make this challenge either much too easy or darn near impossible.

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7. Seven generations is way too long.

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8. The high score is too low by at least 1000 points.

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9. Bertie throws one heck of a party. Until next time Happy Simming

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