100 Days Season 2, Episode 3

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Previously, on 100 Days of Awesome : ANASTASIA (V.O.): But do I get a “Good job, Anastasia!” or a “Thanks for helping out!”? No. I get a “Why didn’t you do make the deadline?” or a “We have another dirty job for you to do. You won’t mind, because you’re easy.”


PONG (V.O.): Chess is a game of strategy, of planning. Of figuring out what’s likely to happen and being sure that you are equipped to deal with any situation that comes up. PONG (V.O.): Okay, I’m going to try this again. First youtake all the pieces off the board and then you put them out again and ( near tears ) What’s wrong with the set? The bishops aren’t in the right place!


Welcome back to 100 Days of Awesome , the “reality show” where I’m trying for 100 points in 100 days. Last time, the Tsvirkunovs hit 30 points in 30 days. Let’s see if we can keep up the momentum. The 100 Days Challenge was created by Callista over at Boolprop. I have decided that it’s okay for sims to go to work and/or school, but have otherwise made no changes.


GEORGIANA (V.O.): I’m supposed to get a scholarship today. This is going to be awesome! GEORGIANA: Hi! I’d like one scholarship, please! GEORGIANA: My grades? They’re, um… GEORGIANA: Really? How many skill points? GEORGIANA: Oh, I can do that, easy! Thanks!


ANASTASIA: So once again, I get to go off and do the skanky stuff. “Drink love potion”? Pssssssht ! I don’t need any love potions to get the job done.


GEORGIANA: I’m doing the crossword, see? That’s going to build my Logic skill really high, so I can get a scholarship. Let’s see… “Egyptian sun god,” two letters, ending in A. Aa, ba, ca, da, ea, fa… That’s it, “Fa”! ( writes )


ANASTASIA (V.O.): What do you mean, it doesn’t count because I didn’t drink it on camera? Don’t you see the hearts flying out of my corrupted armpits? Okay, fine, I’ll have another. Just let me change out of this Esme-awful outfit.


GEORGIANA (V.O.): I’ll ask Uncle Pong to help me out. He has really good Logic. I should be able to earn a lot of points off him, easy.


ANASTASIA: Well, hel lo! DOWNTOWNIE: Uh… Hey. ANASTASIA ( coyly ): ‘Scuse me a minute, will you? DOWNTOWNIE: …Sure, whatever.


ANASTASIA ( mutters ): Over the teeth and past the gums, Look out stomach, here it comes!


ANASTASIA (V.O.): Okay, so I could get used to this.


GEORGIANA: I was only able to get like a point and a half off Uncle Pong before he had to go to bed. Old people are so boring . So now I’m doing some stargazing.


GEORGIANA: I know it’s too late for me to get a scholarship, because there’s no way I can earn three and a half points in two hours, but just look at those stars! ( softly ) I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stars in all my life. Aren’t they beautiful?


ANASTASIA: Stars? Why would I want to look at some bleep ing stars? I’m up because we’re supposed to “Rally Forth!” on a community lot today, and you can’t do that unless you have at least a Level 5 business, and you can’t do that in one day unless you have a really kick-pixel business.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): Which is why I decided to buy the pool and playground all you need is to set up a place to pay admission and the customer starts should just keep rolling in, right?


GEORGIANA: Hi. My family is on a reality show – you can see the camera there – and I’m supposed to buy a blind date today. Can you help me out? MATCHMAKER: Sure. What did you have in mind? GEORGIANA: Oh, I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular. What kind of guy can I get for full price?


ANASTASIA: Come on , come on , enough with the horsing around already! Either give up some customer appreciation stars or get out – I ain’t got all day here!


GEORGIANA (V.O.): His name is Paul. I think he’s maybe a little bit younger than me, but that’s okay.


GEORGIANA (V.O.): And no, he’s not an alien or anything, but that’s okay. I like him a lot.


ANASTASIA: Are you gonna give me a customer appreciation star? No? Then get the system crash outta here. I want to go home. ANASTASIA (V.O.): How many start did we get? Not enough for a “Rally Forth!,” and let’s leave it at that. ( mutters ) I’m going to sell that bleep ing place as soon as I get home.


ANASATIA (V.O.) ( yells ): Will somebody tell me what the integrated graphics chip this bleep ing FLAMINGO is doing in the middle of the Esmecorrupted front walk? GEORGIANA (V.O.): Oh, that’s my date gift from Paul! Isn’t it sweet of him to bring me a little something to show what a good time he had? ANASTASIA (V.O.): I don’t care what he gives you, just keep it out of my blee ping way when I’m trying to walk!


REBECCA: Yes, I’d like to order a firefighter, please. REBECCA: To put out a fire, why do you think? REBECCA: Well, is it my fault some people have dirty minds?


FIREFIGHTER: Just what do you think you’re doing, calling us when there isn’t a fire? That’s a ridiculous waste of public resources, and it takes me away from being able to help people who actually need help! REBECCA: But I’m on a reality show, and – FIREFIGHTER: I don’t care if you’re the Queen of France! You don’t make prank calls to emergency services! REBECCA: But today’s task was to start a fire, and I thought –


FIREFIGHTER: No! You didn’t think! And that’s why I’m fining you – PONG: huff Don’t mind me – just getting out of the way of the fire. puff FIREFIGHTER: I’m fining you – Wait, what did you say? REBECCA: Told you so.


PONG (V.O.): She’s not going to still charge us, is she? REBECCA (V.O.): ‘Fraid so. PONG (V.O.): That’s hardly fair. REBECCA (V.O.): Meh, it’s cheaper than being thrown in jail for arson. PONG (V.O.): …This is true. Okay, then, off to handle that community lot task.


PONG (V.O.): I remember the last time I tried this same task, Max A Skill. I came here then too. Played a lot of chess. Met some interesting people.


PONG (V.O.): Somehow I thought it would be a bigger deal. Floating lights, euphoria, a choir of angels… Something.


PONG (V.O.): Don’t get me wrong – it’s very satisfying to have maxed a skill, especially one I’ve worked on for so long. It’s just kind of… anticlimactic.* *Note from esmeiolanthe: Either I missed the “Maxed a Skill” doodad, or Pong didn’t get one. I’d give you 50/50 either way. I hope the memories and popups constitute sufficient proof, coz I’m counting the point.


Score Objectives accomplished on the home lot: 2 Objective accomplished on a community lot: 2 Total points: 4 Total points from last time: 30 GRAND TOTAL: 34 Days played: 33 out of 100

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