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Become a CISSP Certified Professional this year as the demand in companies for CISSP certified professionals has increased over the time. Gain an edge in your Information Security career. Source:-


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slide 1: CISSP Benefits Winning Benefits of CISSP Certification Anyone who wants to take a major leap in the information security domain must know the reasons why he/she is pursuing a CISSP certification anyway. There are many benefits that set it apart than the general information security courses. Let us explore it. The main three domains into which you can categorize it are: Industry Recognition: One of the main CISSP benefits is that it is recognized by top companies in our new IT industry. Hiring managers are head hunting for CISSP certified professionals and they have major targets to fulfill every quarter. Efforts that it takes: It takes a lot of effort and energy to acquire such a certification which includes but not limited to time resources and energy. The

slide 2: demand and utility are proportional to the energy expended on acquiring CISSP certification. Advanced Earning Potential: The extent of yearly earnings it can provide you is way more than your peers. CISSP certification serves as a validation of your skillsets and proof of your commitment to professional advancements sincerity and dedication to growth and learning. Besides making you a domain expert which is reflected through your profile. Upon thorough research and analysis a survey conducted on CISSP professionals industry experts and trainers we have devised a list of top benefits of CISSP certification: 1. Recognized Worldwide - CISSP credentials is known across the globe and is highly respected by the majority of big corporations such as Google PG IBM and so forth. They often hunt for CISSP certified professionals and go by the fact that these professionals possess knowledge commitment skills and recognition that is required for a certain information security position. CISSP has recently been recognized as one of the most sought-after certifications in the information security domain. 2. Extremely popular – Recent reports in ISC2 shows that over 140000 professionals have attained CISSP certification and it is recognized in more than 160 countries globally. Since the time it has started CISSP has been the most sought-after and extremely popular IT security certification for over 2 decades which speaks volumes about the worth. 3. Holding the Court – CISSP Certification is one of the oldest information security certifications and is considered the grand-daddy of all InfoSec certifications. For almost three decades it has been holding the court and gaining attention.

slide 3: 4. High-potential of the salary – CISSP certified professionals earn 25 more salary than the non-certified counterparts according to Global Information Security workforce study. It has been ranked at number 4 out of top 15 highest paying jobs by tech republic survey. 5. The credibility of CISSP job-role – Information security domain is gaining importance these days owing to the widespread and increased malicious and cyber-crime rate and various virtual and cloud computing areas coming up. This credential enhances the marketability and credibility of a professional. 6. CISSP member benefits – Upon completion CISSP pros get many benefits such as:  Free Webinars  Discounts on ISC2 Education  Networking Opportunities  Recognition: ISC2 Global Awards Program

slide 4:  Discounted and Free Events  Info-Security Professional Magazine As compared to non-holders. 7. Most Stable IT profession – Also information security has been observed as one of the most stable professions in IT sector these days with over 80 of the respondents in a survey Frost Sullivan had opted a little to no change in their employment status in the preceding years. 8. High-rate of salary hike – It has been noted that the rate at which CISSP pros receive salary hike is far more than any other domain in the IT sector.

slide 5: 9. Recent Trends and Technological Developments – Recent trends such as bring your own device big data cloud computing social media engagement is spreading like wildfire in the circles and enterprises are adopting such technologies rapidly making CISSP mandatory to handle crucial info-sec roles. 10. Handling the multidisciplinary world – With cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary being the buzzword of this era information security pros with well-balanced risk control and monitoring skills with innovative technological implementation are what industry needs. Mercury Solutions Limited provides world-class IT training programs and certifications like- VMware PMP CISSP CEH Oracle Microsoft

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