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Scarp Dealers and Environment Preservation Today plastic waste and scraps have become one of the major concerns for the environment. Million tons of plastic are thrown away by households individuals industries and organizations. Looking at these concerns one can imagine how much it is important for the safe management of plastic scraps. The continuous rise in plastic scrap is one of the biggest concerns these days. Scrap dealers collect scrap metal plastic scrap rubber etc and make sure they are sent for recycling or disposal. Plastic scarp and metal scrap recycling are the best means of reducing the non- biodegradable wastes so that our environment stays safe. Though plastic recycling is complicated. If we use recycled plastic rather than new plastic it is bound to save 2 tones of C02. Plastic scrap recycling will save production costs conservation of the limited resources and the reduction in the environmental pollution. Next scrap metal recycling has seen considerable increase in recent years. Scarp dealers who are engaged in selling and buying of scrap ensure that they send the scrap to the recycling facilities safely.

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Virogreen India Pvt. Ltd established in 2002 is one of the top scarp dealers in Chennai offering smart and sustainable solutions to the all organizations individuals and industries so that they can best manage their E scarps. It uses latest technology and advanced form of methods under the supervision of a team of well-trained workers. Although plastic recycling is as one of the best solutions of conserving the environment but there are some real issues related with the recycling of plastic. There are plastic materials which take 100 years to biodegrade. These materials can add to the concern of environment preservation. The recycling plant would make sure that the scrap sent to it is recycled properly and safely to be usable once again. Scrap dealers play an important role in the conservation of the environment by indulging in the business of selling and purchasing scrap of all kinds. Contact Us No:297/1B-2 No:49 Pappan Kuppam Village S.R. Kandigai Road Gummidipoondi taluk Thiruvallur - 601201 Tamil Nadu India. Mobile : +91-9940675888 Factory : +91-9940615444 Telefax : +91-44 2651 2449 Email:reachusvirogreen.in

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