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Esansog - laptop repair and laptop configuration upgrade services in Pimpri Chinchwad. Upgrading an older laptop may be a feasible and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new laptop.


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Help for You to Upgrade or Replace Your Laptop Esanyog Repairing Service Center

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Introduction Deciding whether to upgrade or replace a laptop is a big decision and its complicated to know when and when you need it. You need to consider whether the work is worth it whether it is cheaper to replace or rebuild and whether you really need to do it. The various components of a laptop are not as easy to replace as those of a desktop computer but with patience and the right tools it is certainly possible to upgrade a laptop. That said some of the suggestions below include using external hardware to compensate for old missing or damaged internal components. Avoid the section below that segment to the specific reason for upgrading or replacing the laptop. There are choices and recommendations on what to do in each scenario. www . esany t

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Your Laptop Become Slow The main hardware that determines the speed of a computer is the CPU and RAM. You can upgrade these components but its not very easy to do on a laptop. In fact replacing a laptop is probably a sensible decision if it turns out that its broken or doesnt meet your requirements. In any case of the two memory is easier to handle. If you need more RAM or want to replace a bad memory stick and you can securely do this you can do it by opening the bottom of the laptop. www . esany t

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Remove Junk Files Temporary files can occupy a lot of free space after some time which not only contributes to the entire hard drive but also takes time to make programs run harder and perform daily tasks. Or worse the performance hit. Start by clearing your web browser cache. You can safely delete these files but if you leave them for a while they will slow down the page load and possibly slow down the entire computer. www . esany t

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More Laptop Storage If you do not have enough storage after performing the above tasks or if you need an additional hard drive on your laptop to back up files or store data use an external hard drive to consider expanding your storage. The biggest advantage of an external device is that it is an external device and does not fit in the laptop casing like the primary HDD but connects to the laptop via USB. These devices provide additional hard drive space instantly for any reason. Software installation files music and video collections and more. www . esany t

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Optimize Your Hard Drive As more and more files are added and removed from the laptop hard drive the overall structure of the data becomes fragmented slowing read and writes times. Optimize your hard drive using a free defragmenter such as Defragged. If your laptop uses an SSD instead of a traditional hard drive this is irrelevant and you can skip this step. www . esany t

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Check for Viruses While it may seem strange to check for viruses or removal of viruses when considering whether you need to replace or update your laptop there is no doubt that malware will cause your laptop to slow down. Install an antivirus program to always protect against threats or scan your computer before starting if you cant log in. www . esany t

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Laptop Screen is Bad On a broken or generally not perfect laptop screen you may not be able to do anything. LCD Screen repair or replacement is definitely feasible and is not as expensive as replacing an entire laptop. Visit the website and search for a specific laptop or at least one laptop similar to a laptop. You may be able to find a step-by-step repair guide for replacing a particular laptop screen or at least a guide that can be adapted to work with a particular laptop. www . esany t

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There is no CD/DVD/BD Drive On the Laptop Currently most laptops do not have an optical disk drive. The good thing is that most people dont need to upgrade their drive or change their laptop. Instead you can purchase a relatively small external optical drive that can be connected via USB to watch Blu-ray or DVD or copy files to and from the disc. We service on most all brands of the laptop including in all parts. We also offer a special service likes Laptop LCD replacement Laptop Upgrade Laptop Data Recovery in Pune. We also repaired laptops with broken screens Laptop Hinges Repair and Laptop BGA Rework. Please feel free to call our helpline number 9860406079 for your laptop upgrade or replacement and also Laptop Repairing center in Pune. Visit us for more information www . esany t

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