ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act

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Sign Company | Guidelines for Title 24 and ADA Signs SAN JOSE SIGNS ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. This act lists some rules and regulations for signage to help people with disabilities. In this blog we sign maker San Jose have listed some of the guidelines regarding size text colors mounting location and height.  Letters and numbers shall be raised 1/32 inches in upper case sans serif type and shall be accompanied with Grade 2 Braille. Raised characters shall be at least 5/8 in. high but no higher than 2 in. 50mm. Pictograms on ADA restroom signs shall be accompanied by the equivalent verbal description placed directly below the pictogram.  The characters and background of ADA restroom signs shall be a non-glare finish. Characters and symbols shall be contrast with the background either light characters on a dark background or dark characters on a light background. Standard ADA sign are white text on blue background or black black-ground.  Where permanent identification is provided for restrooms and spaces signs shall be installed on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door including

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Sign Company | Guidelines for Title 24 and ADA Signs SAN JOSE SIGNS at double leaf doors signs shall be placed at the nearest adjacent wall. Mounting location shall be 5ft above the finish floor to the centerline of the sign.  Door sign for men’s restroom shall be an equivalent triangle 1.4 inch thick with edges 12 inches long and a vertex pointing upward. Women’s restroom door sign should be a circle 1/4 inch thick 12 inches in diameter. Restrooms for Unisex shall be identified by a circle 1/4 inch thick 12 inches in diameter with a 1/4 inch thick triangle superimposed on the circle and within the 12 inch diameter. These geometric symbols shall be centered on the door at a height of 5ft and their color and the contrast shall be distinctly different from the color and the contrast of the door. We hope this post will be helpful in learning about the ADA signs. At San Jose Signs we stock standard ADA signage indoor and outdoor signage Custom made signs and can also fabricate custom ADA signs. We make sure they are ADA compliant so you don’t have to worry about it. All we will need from is the list of signs- it is that simple.

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